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Vessel Name: Brindabella
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 405
Hailing Port: Suffolk Yacht Harbour, UK
About: Simon, Fiona and Bella the dog!
About: Simon and Fiona had Brindabella built in Sweden before she was launched in 2009. They sailed her from Sweden back to Suffolk in the UK.
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20 July 2014
We remained in Saint Quay for three days. We both worked for the day on Thursday. That evening we went to one of the restaurants near the marina.
17 July 2014
We had a good time in Binic. There are two good swimming beaches either side of the port and we went swimming for two of the mornings.
11 July 2014
Early morning, Simon took Bella ashore while Fiona made some dinner for later in the day. We left the anchorage and motored to the lock.
08 July 2014
We had a good time in St Malo. It's a great town with good shops and restaurants and a small market. We also caught up with the washing and restocking the boat. On Monday evening we had a nice meal in a restaurant that overlooks the sea.
04 July 2014
As forecast, Tuesday night the wind did get up, but by the morning, it was a beautiful warm day and clear skies.
01 July 2014
Tuesday we left Dielette at 9:15. We sailed down past the Channel Islands, first Alderney and then Guernsey. We then passed a very small group of islands called Les Ecrehou which only has around 12 houses all on the top of rocks and steps down to a golden sandy beach.
29 June 2014
We woke on Sunday to thunder and lightning, but this little storm soon passed to reveal a sunny day with a steady wind. We set off at midday, had a good sail around the point of Barfleur, home of the mussel farming area. Just past Barfleur we came across an area of confused water and realised that we [...]
24 June 2014
Deauville is an interesting place and not quite what we were expecting. It has a race course, international film festival, marinas, conference centre, villas, Grand Casino, polo matches and sumptuous hotels. We found one hotel offering rooms for €3,500 per night. (We only paid €33 in the marina). [...]
22 June 2014
Today we moved on a good distance from Dieppe to Deauville. We normally stop at Le Havre but since there is little to do close to the marina, decided to give it a miss and proceed on to Deauville which we have not been to before.
19 June 2014
We left Boulogne at 7:40 in calm conditions. There was little wind and the sun was starting to break through the clouds. With no wind we motored all of the way to Dieppe. During the trip we saw two Sun Fish. These are large round fish with a fin that flaps above the surface. By the time we arrived at [...]
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