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Vessel Name: Brindabella
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 405
Hailing Port: Suffolk Yacht Harbour, UK
About: Simon, Fiona and Bella the dog!
About: Simon and Fiona had Brindabella built in Sweden before she was launched in 2009. They sailed her from Sweden back to Suffolk in the UK.
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28 August 2012
Today was the final leg of our cruise from Dover to Felixstowe. With a forecast of south west 4 to 5, this was a perfect wind for heading east. It rained briefly in the morning, but by the time we left at 7am, the sun was already breaking through.
27 August 2012
Yesterday we went into the old walled town in Boulogne and sat in the sunshine to have lunch. Later that night, we cooked lapin (rabbit) stew which tasted great!
24 August 2012
We left Dieppe as early as possible on Friday morning as the trip to Boulogne is fairy long for Bella. There was no wind so unfortunately we motored again, but the bonus was that it was a clear sunny and very hot day, the water was like glass. This is strange as we knew that by this time tomorrow it [...]
23 August 2012
The sun was out again on Thursday and we left early in the morning. There was no wind at all, so we motored all of the way to Dieppe. The sea was very calm.
21 August 2012
We didn't get a chance to see Le Havre, as we wanted to leave early for Fecamp. We did just walk into the edge of the town to pick up some bread.
20 August 2012
Once the lock gate had opened, we left St Vaast in late morning mist. There was no wind at all and the mist soon cleared as we headed across the bay and towards the Seine. We had considered going to Ouistreham, but we felt that the tide would be too low to enter, so decided to head for Le Havre at the [...]
19 August 2012
Today, Cherbourg was covered in thick fog. This part of the coast is susceptible to this, as warm moist air comes up from the Channel Islands and meets colder air in the channel.
17 August 2012
After a couple of nights in Dielette we left for Cherbourg. This is a relatively short trip but through the Alderney race which always makes it lively. The tides around this point reach over 9 knots. As we approached the point you could see the water was boiling. Here you get fast moving water mixing [...]
14 August 2012
As forecast, the winds were southerly and very light. Ideal conditions for the gennaker which is a sail similar to a spinnaker. This sail is huge and we had already prepared it on the front bunk the night before. Without a full crew, using the gennaker can be struggle. It is kept in a sock about 50 feet [...]
13 August 2012
After 2 days in St Cast, we moved on for Granville and had a great sail. We went past St Malo which marks the end of Brittany and the start of Normandy.
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