Vessel Name: Brindabella
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 405
Hailing Port: Suffolk Yacht Harbour, UK
Crew: Simon, Fiona and Bella the dog!
About: Simon and Fiona had Brindabella built in Sweden before she was launched in 2009. They sailed her from Sweden back to Suffolk in the UK.
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02 August 2015

Dover to Suffolk Yacht Harbour

We left Dover on our final leg of the cruise, bound for Suffolk Yacht Harbour on the River Orwell.

01 August 2015

Calais to Dover

In order to take Bella back to the UK she needs to travel in a car on a registered ferry route.

29 July 2015

Dieppe to Calais

The Saturday market in Dieppe is one of the best in Normandy. We restocked the boat again and had a small roast chicken for lunch. Very niceā€¦

24 July 2015

Le Havre to Dieppe

We had 3 hours sleep having got in to Le Havre at 1am, to bed by 2am and were up again, ready to move at 5am.

23 July 2015

Cherbourg to Le Havre

There was a dilemma as to where to go next.

22 July 2015

Dielette to Cherbourg

We left Dielette early on Wednesday and had one of the best sails of the holiday, out to the Alderney Race and round to Cherbourg.

21 July 2015

Carteret to Dielette

Carteret is a new port we have not been to before, so we had 5 nights there. The weather was a bit mixed, so we did a number of different things.

16 July 2015

Iles Chausey to Carteret

As is tradition, we had a cooked breakfast that morning at anchor. It was a beautiful day and the sun was out.

15 July 2015

St Malo to Iles Chausey

We needed to do some work on Monday morning so stayed on the boat. In the afternoon we went for a walk around St Malo and then a meal out with Leading Wind, Cassadora and Mazza II in the evening. A very pleasant evening was had by all!

12 July 2015

St Quay to St Malo

We had re-joined the cruise in St Quay, meeting up with Leading Wind, Cassadora, Mazza II and Shades of Blue. We all had a meal out on the night we arrived.

Dover to Suffolk Yacht Harbour

02 August 2015
We left Dover on our final leg of the cruise, bound for Suffolk Yacht Harbour on the River Orwell.

The sun was out and there was very little wind. After clearing with Dover Port Control, we crossed the harbour and through the Eastern entrance and out to sea.

The sea was very calm and we had a strong tide with us all of the way, which made the trip extremely fast! There was eventually enough wind to sail for the final hour heading into the Orwell. By 7:30pm we were tied up back in our own marina and it was the end of the cruise.

We have been away a total of 10 weeks and during this we travelled over 1,200 nm and were at sea a total of 206 hours which is some 8.5 days. During our time away we have had some wonderful experiences. We were with other yachts from the club in 6 of the ports which is always fun, but also we had some great nights at anchor.

Our furthest point was the River Odet in Southern Brittany, visiting Benodet, anchoring at the top of the river and also Saint Marine. All favourite places.

The highlights were anchoring in the River Trieux and on a morning in the River L'Aber Benoit was delightful. It was also nice to visit the new ports such as Perros-Guirec, Carteret, Ouistreham and Caen.

As always in France we had some excellent food and cooked or prepared oysters, crab, lobster and rabbit on board.

Once again, we are signing off for another year. Good Bye!

Time: 8:30 hours Miles: 61nm Total Time: 206:00 hours Total Miles: 1240nm
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