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Emerald Tales
Summer 2015: in the Greek Ionian
Emerald's Photos - Dinghy Restoration
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We decided to strip off the old paint to see the real condition of the dinghy. We thought it best to bring
Ahh the work begins...... a lot of sanding
Have to keep going!
Yes that is snow, and yes I can
Repairing the rot that was under the keel runners
Using fast set epoxy
Working under the cockpit canopy to help the epoxy set in the arctic conditions
Looking down the line of the old runner that I
Close up of the clear set epoxy, as good as new and just as strong
My new workshop, the workmate delivered by santa allows me to at least be warm whilst making the new mahogany keels
Varnished but without most of the fittings
Trying to get the oar width correct.
Here you can see why the dinghy is called a
Who: Colin 'Skip' Wright, Nichola Wright
Port: No fixed abode
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