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Emerald Tales
Summer 2015: in the Greek Ionian
09/25/2015 If All You Want is a Kefalonia Meat Pie
09/25/2015 Fiskardo
09/21/2015 Wind, Weddings, Walks and Deck Dancing in Vathi
09/12/2015 Our favourite little boozer
08/27/2015 Amvrakia Gulf
08/25/2015 Lefkas Canal to Vonitsa
08/22/2015 Whistle stop Kefalonia
08/16/2015 Walking in Vathi
08/07/2015 Kalamos and Mitika
06/10/2015 Emerald's new blog site
01/22/2015 The good, the bad and the ugly
12/12/2014 Olive picking in Sicily
12/05/2014 Our first Thanksgiving
11/18/2014 Mother Nature's job creation scheme
11/02/2014 Season round up part one
10/18/2014 Settling into Marina di Ragusa
10/03/2014 Porto Palo to Marina di Ragusa; 31nm travelled (29nm sailed)
09/28/2014 Syracuse to Porto Palo; 29nm (21nm sailed)
09/26/2014 Syracuse and Ortygia
09/22/2014 The Liebster award goes to.....
09/18/2014 Taormina to Syracuse; 50nm (25nm sailed)
09/16/2014 Tourists in Taormina
09/13/2014 Stromboli to Taormina; 77nm travelled (16nm sailed)
09/12/2014 Lava! Vulcano to Stromboli; 29nm travelled
09/11/2014 Things to do on volcanos
09/06/2014 Volcanos are brilliaaaaaaaaant: San Vito lo Capo to Vulcano; 113nm travelled (108nm sailed)
09/04/2014 Engine troubles: Isola Favignana to San Vito lo Capo; 30nm travelled
09/04/2014 When the wind blows
09/02/2014 Walking up mountains in the midday sun
08/29/2014 Sardinia to Sicily; 172nm travelled (64 sailed)
08/27/2014 Pula to Cagliari; 16nm travelled
08/26/2014 Porto Malfatano to Pula; 14nm travelled
08/23/2014 Isola di Sant Pietro to Porto Malfatano; 32nm travelled (29nm sailed)
08/20/2014 The North Wind Doth Blow in Cormorant Cove
08/14/2014 Menorca to south west Sardinia; 206nm travelled (121nm sailed)
08/11/2014 Bit more Addaia
08/10/2014 Diving and prehistoric stones
08/02/2014 Alcudia to Addaia, Menorca; 57nm travelled (37 sailed)
07/29/2014 Life in Alcudia
07/25/2014 Blades of glory
07/17/2014 These feet were made for walking
07/09/2014 Cala Molto to Alcudia; 21nm travelled (5nm sailed)
07/09/2014 Porto Cristo to Cala Molto; 16nm travelled (13nm sailed)
07/08/2014 Cala Magraner to Porto Cristo, 5nm travelled
07/06/2014 Our favourite cala (so far)
07/02/2014 Porto Petro to Porto Colom; 5nm travelled
07/01/2014 Sant Jordi to Porto Petro; 17nm travelled (9nm sailed)
06/30/2014 Santa Ponsa to Porto Colonia de Sant Jordi; 34nm travelled (22nm sailed)
06/28/2014 The water in Mallorca... Santa Ponsa
06/22/2014 Cala Charraco to Santa Ponsa, Mallorca; 53nm travelled, 47nm sailed
06/20/2014 Cala Binirras to Cala Charraco; 4nm travelled
06/20/2014 San Antonio to Cala Binarras; 14nm travelled
06/19/2014 The place to be seen to see the sunset?
06/17/2014 Cala de Port Roig to San Antonio; 16nm travelled
06/16/2014 Mar Menor to Ibiza; 127nm travelled (22 sailed)
06/15/2014 Mar Menor, dodobedobe, Mar Menor dodobedo
06/10/2014 Almerimar to Mar Menor; 141nm travelled
06/08/2014 Almerimar and Granada
05/30/2014 La Linea to Almerimar; 135nm travelled
05/26/2014 Monkeying about in Gibraltar
05/25/2014 Rota to La Linea; 75nm travelled
05/21/2014 Vila Real San Antonio, Portugal to Rota, Spain; 66nm travelled
05/19/2014 Guadiana hints and tips
05/18/2014 Birthday!
05/13/2014 The Frog and Terrapin walk
05/12/2014 The fight against the wee biting beasties
05/07/2014 May Day (the holiday not an emergency)
05/01/2014 Zigzag
04/28/2014 Fiesta Senora de la Rabida
04/25/2014 Walks and random conversations
04/22/2014 Easter Portuguese style
04/19/2014 Semana Santa part II
04/16/2014 Ayamonte to Alcoutim/Sanlucar de Guadiana; 18nm travelled
04/14/2014 Semana Santa
04/13/2014 Culatra to Ayamonte, Spain; 33nm travelled
04/11/2014 A week in Culatra
04/05/2014 Lagos to Culatra; 44nm travelled
04/03/2014 Leaving Las Lagos
04/01/2014 We're stuck inside so here are some stork pictures
03/26/2014 Test position report, via wifi/telnet
03/25/2014 The velcro effect
03/14/2014 Gangways and the pleasures of Med mooring
03/13/2014 Sagres and Cape St Vincent
03/12/2014 Homemade windscoop
03/09/2014 A day out in the mountains
02/20/2014 Walks and jobs update
02/09/2014 A massacre of cucumbers
02/04/2014 Crazy Pony has a new coat
01/30/2014 Flare firing fun
01/13/2014 Squeezing oranges
01/09/2014 New Year Swim
01/04/2014 Happy New Year
12/24/2013 Christmas Carols
12/23/2013 More fridge work
12/13/2013 Boat job creep
12/09/2013 Off to work we go
11/29/2013 Jobs avoidance
11/18/2013 Working on the chain gang
11/12/2013 Stat time!
11/11/2013 Lagos grottoes
11/08/2013 Testing a new port seal
11/07/2013 Farmers markets and making music
11/01/2013 To our winter home - Portimao to Lagos; 6nm travelled
10/27/2013 Albufeira to Portimao; 16nm travelled
10/26/2013 Ilha Culatra to Albufeira; 25nm travelled
10/25/2013 More Culatra
10/19/2013 Ilha Culatra
10/18/2013 Portimao to Ilha Culatra anchorage; 36nm travelled
10/17/2013 Alvor to Portimao; 6nm travelled
10/15/2013 Alvor
10/14/2013 Emerald's boat garden
10/13/2013 Cape St Vincent to Alvor; 23nm travelled
10/07/2013 Sines to Cape St Vincent; 58nm travelled
10/06/2013 Cascais to Sines; 57nm travelled
10/05/2013 Lisbon to Cascais; 19nm travelled
10/05/2013 Parque das Nacoes
10/02/2013 Rhinoceros hunting (no animals were harmed in the making of this blog)
10/01/2013 Sintra
09/28/2013 A look around Lisbon
09/25/2013 Peniche to Lisbon; 62nm travelled
09/22/2013 Peniche
09/21/2013 A bit about Povoa de Varzim
09/20/2013 Povoa de Varzim to Peniche; 130nm travelled
09/16/2013 Train ride up the Douro
09/13/2013 A day out to Porto
09/11/2013 Baiona to Povoa de Varzim; 52nm travelled
09/08/2013 You never know what you'll find
09/06/2013 Baiona
09/04/2013 Ilas Cies to Baiona; 9nm travelled
09/03/2013 San Vincent to Islas Cies; 15nm travelled
09/02/2013 Vilagarcia de Arousa to San Vincent del Mar; 18nm travelled
09/01/2013 Santiago de Compostela
08/30/2013 Muros to Vilagarcia de Arousa; 40nm travelled
08/29/2013 Musings on Muros
08/24/2013 Here be dragons breathing very hard and making lots of wind
08/24/2013 Camarinas
08/23/2013 La Coruna to Camarinas; 52nm traveled
08/21/2013 More exploring in La Coruna
08/21/2013 Exploring La Coruna
08/20/2013 Cedeira to La Coruna, 30nm travelled
08/18/2013 Nuestra Senora Maria del Mar
08/16/2013 Party time in Cedeira
08/14/2013 High Seas Position report, via ssb, Bay Biscay
08/13/2013 High Seas Position report, via ssb, Bay Biscay
08/12/2013 High Seas Position report, via ssb, Bay Biscay
08/10/2013 Biscay here we come
07/11/2013 A change of scenery
07/04/2013 Waiting not so patiently
06/25/2013 Test position report, via ssb in the FAL river
06/18/2013 The end of our UK circumnavigation. Plymouth to Falmouth; 47nm traveled
06/16/2013 Farewell blue sky, hello rain and gales
06/09/2013 Dartmouth to River Lynher; 41nm traveled
06/08/2013 A bit of everything Dartmoor
06/06/2013 Sunny with a chance of buzzards
06/06/2013 Studland to Dartmouth; 73nm traveled
05/31/2013 Yarmouth to Studland; 18nm traveled
05/30/2013 Chichester to Yarmouth
05/25/2013 Three cheers for the RNLI - Brighton to Chichester
05/19/2013 Eastbourne to Brighton
05/18/2013 Dover to Eastbourne
05/17/2013 Burnham-On-Crouch to Dover
05/15/2013 Something good from bad
05/13/2013 Stuck
05/01/2013 Back in her natural home
02/22/2013 Introducing Pearl
02/18/2013 Inside our liferaft
02/08/2013 The Last Steel Tank is Out
02/01/2013 Teabag Tank Removal
01/25/2013 Lift out time
01/01/2013 Happy 2013!
07/08/2012 No more Tracks of my Tears!
05/09/2012 The Princess and the Pea bed
04/11/2012 Maybe useful for anyone planning a sail to Scotland?
02/22/2012 Attempts to beat condensation and evil mould
01/31/2012 The never ending forepeak job
12/16/2011 Winter Jobs Update
10/16/2011 Don't try this at home
10/05/2011 Highs and Lows of our UK Circumnavigation via the Orkney Islands
10/02/2011 The Winter Mud Home
09/26/2011 Our last sea passage of the season
09/26/2011 Tack, tack, tack
09/22/2011 Bringing it all back Home
09/20/2011 A good sail
09/18/2011 Furthest east
09/18/2011 Too many pubs, so little time
09/18/2011 A few hours sailing – at last!
09/06/2011 Stowaways and an Eventful Trip
09/05/2011 South, West, North and Centre
08/30/2011 Big Swell
08/30/2011 Sightseeing in the Borders
08/30/2011 Heading on South
08/22/2011 A Tale of Two Halves
08/20/2011 Wicker’s World
08/17/2011 Scottish Rainbows
08/17/2011 Furthest North Attained!!
08/16/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands 8: Vintage Rally
08/12/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands 7: Dounby Show
08/12/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands 6: Kirkwall and Deerness
08/06/2011 Running from the weather
08/04/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands 5: Italian Chapel
08/04/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands 4: Scapa Flow
07/31/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands 3: Maeshowe
07/29/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands: 2
07/27/2011 Exploring the Orkney Islands: 1
07/26/2011 Across the Sea to the Orkney Islands
07/25/2011 Cape Wrath: Turning Point
07/22/2011 Bound for Cape Adventure
07/20/2011 Change of plan – back to the Outer Hebrides
07/18/2011 Two More Days in Gairloch
07/17/2011 Gairloch
07/14/2011 Looking forward to a few days of pontoon living
07/11/2011 Puffin-tastic
07/10/2011 Operation Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee
07/04/2011 Deer, Beaches, Hitching and Ancient History in N. Uist
07/03/2011 Furthest West in Wizard Pool
07/02/2011 Skye Scarecrows
07/01/2011 Majestic and wild Skye!!
06/30/2011 Remotest pub in mainland Britain
06/28/2011 Local Hero Location Spotting
06/25/2011 Rain, rain, rain and more rain
06/23/2011 No Pishnish in the Mishnish
06/22/2011 Peaceful anchorage in Sound of Mull
06/21/2011 Laundry faff in Oban
06/19/2011 Spiky Corryvreckan
06/16/2011 Gale 8 in Jura
06/12/2011 Whisky tasting on Islay
06/10/2011 Wildlife on Rathlin
06/09/2011 Waterfalls at Glenarriff Forest Park
06/08/2011 Tornadoes, funnel clouds and hail in Northern Ireland!!
06/04/2011 A brief hint of scorchio in Northern Ireland
05/27/2011 Nearly foiled by rush hour
05/20/2011 Big Seas again and Stronger winds!!
05/18/2011 Big Seas and Strong winds
03/20/2011 The Verb :To Helmut
03/02/2011 Measure twice cut once
02/27/2011 Have we bottled it?!
02/20/2011 Rave On!
02/14/2011 Ohhh Suits you sir!
01/27/2011 The Leak Hunter, anyone got a bandana?
01/16/2011 Like looking for needles in a haystack
11/29/2010 Ice Ice Baby!
11/17/2010 Is it a weapon?!
10/26/2010 Alcoholic fruits of foraging
10/15/2010 Settling into our winter home
09/28/2010 Frolics in the Fal
09/19/2010 The Circle is closed!!
09/16/2010 Rounding the Cape!!!
09/12/2010 Would you believe it!! The Weather Forecast wasn't even close!
09/11/2010 Rolly~Dodgy time to go!!
09/09/2010 Second Time Lucky!
09/02/2010 'Heading to Ardglass in the Jam jar'
08/26/2010 'I wish I was in Carrickfergus'
08/25/2010 Off to Norn Iron ~under sail!!
08/23/2010 Trapped! on an island with 8 whiskey distilleries and a brewery!
08/17/2010 Why we don't like Scottish seaweed
08/16/2010 Hubble bubble boil and trouble!
08/08/2010 Afternoon tea
08/06/2010 Hello Nessie!
08/05/2010 Our first flight of locks
08/05/2010 Welcome to the Caledonian Canal
08/05/2010 Scottish Top Gun
08/01/2010 Warm Welcome to Whitehills
07/29/2010 Scotland ahoy!
07/27/2010 North Sea Crossing
07/26/2010 130Nm to go, heading towards the Forties oil field
07/23/2010 Wild Winds, big seas
07/19/2010 Getting out of Dodge!!
07/17/2010 Emerald saved from the rocks!
07/15/2010 Rolly Rolly Squally Squally
07/14/2010 Norwegian Wood (sic) and Furthest North
07/12/2010 Country number 6 please
07/09/2010 Wild Strawberries and Rasberries discovered on a deserted island!
07/02/2010 No Rissotto in Grotto
06/29/2010 Thunder expected, strong winds in the forecast but the crew is in fine spirits
06/26/2010 Eat your heart out Karate Kid, you only did cars pah!
06/25/2010 No sign of Batman!
06/21/2010 Like Tahiti but with blondes?!
06/20/2010 Concrete Quays and Old American Cars
06/17/2010 Furthest East and 1000Nm already this season
06/16/2010 Repairs- Emerald meets McGyver
06/15/2010 The Bard was wrong! There is Nothing Rotten in the State of Denmark!
06/15/2010 Royalty and Viking Ships at Roskilde
06/13/2010 Racing the gales to Copenhagen
06/10/2010 Ironing out the gremlins
06/03/2010 Hello Mr Blue Sky and the Friendly Cows
06/03/2010 Anchored in Zanzibar...sort of!
06/03/2010 Not sure if my amateur radio account has been blocked?!
06/01/2010 Tenuous Anchorage, wind GO NORTH!
05/31/2010 Pile problem not as severe as first feared!
05/31/2010 Local youf noise and expensive place!
05/31/2010 Test Message via HF pactor email
05/25/2010 Happy Birthday Mummy Wright
05/25/2010 The island named after a chocolate?
05/25/2010 Sailing on a Run
05/19/2010 The sun shines and the wind blows
05/19/2010 A night on Sonderborg Town Quay
05/15/2010 Wind and Pile problems!
05/15/2010 British Kiel Yacht Club to Straderod Bugt, Denmark 46Nm travelled
05/15/2010 Flemhudersee to Kiel 10Nm travelled
05/07/2010 Gieselau Canal to Rendsburgh 16Nm travelled
05/07/2010 Cuxhaven to the Gieselau Canal 40Nm travelled
05/03/2010 Nordeney to the River Elbe~ Cuxhaven 65Nm travelled
05/01/2010 A few days in Nordeney
04/29/2010 Whatever happens, Don't tell them your name Pike!!!
04/26/2010 Cycling in Vlieland
04/25/2010 Den Helder to Vlieland 34Nm travelled
04/25/2010 Ijmuiden to Den Helder 36Nm travelled
04/24/2010 River Orwell to Ijmuiden Holland 133nm travelled
04/24/2010 River Roach to River Orwell 36nm travelled
04/18/2010 Lazy day at Anchor
04/14/2010 Brandy Hole
04/12/2010 East Coast Bashing
04/10/2010 An anchorage all to ourselves
04/08/2010 There'll be blue birds over...... 46.2nm travelled
04/07/2010 Emerald is Cruising!!! 21.7nm travelled
03/28/2010 Lots happening
03/13/2010 Work work work!
02/22/2010 Just another manic Monday
01/20/2010 Memories of why we do this
01/11/2010 The completed cupboard
01/07/2010 New Year Job List
12/24/2009 Merry Xmas
12/19/2009 A year and a day older
11/30/2009 Can you tell what it is yet?
11/26/2009 Stormy Weather and Stowaways
11/20/2009 Introducing IGOR!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/08/2009 Probably the best G&T in the world?
10/07/2009 Summer cruise summary
10/03/2009 Marina bound
09/29/2009 First fish
09/29/2009 Newtown crowds and swimming
09/24/2009 Farewell to Studland
09/22/2009 Foraging
09/21/2009 Salcombe to Studland Bay
09/15/2009 Hope Cove to Salcombe
09/15/2009 Yealm River to Hope Cove
09/15/2009 Cawsand to River Yealm
09/15/2009 Fowey to Cawsand
09/09/2009 Escaped the Fal to Fowey
09/01/2009 Hurricane Bill strikes part 2
09/01/2009 Ex hurricane Bill Strikes! part 1
08/31/2009 Up the Fal
08/21/2009 The old and the new
08/19/2009 Galago's place of birth
08/12/2009 Just a photo
08/12/2009 Chugging our way to Cawsand 39 Nm travelled
08/12/2009 Daring for the Dart!
08/08/2009 Seal spotted!
08/08/2009 Seal spotting at Bow Creek
08/05/2009 Lazy Days and Castles
08/04/2009 The Dart Night
08/03/2009 Weymouth to Dartmouth via Portland Bill
08/02/2009 The home of Darts, 180!!
07/27/2009 We left Studland, no we really did!
07/24/2009 Anchoring muppets
07/23/2009 Wonderful Bloomers!!!
07/19/2009 Anchoring etiquette
07/18/2009 Fabulous Tart
07/17/2009 Wind, yes, more wind, yes, ok that's enough wind now!
07/15/2009 Sleepless in Studland
07/14/2009 Studland Bay
07/12/2009 Hotel California
07/06/2009 Days of ups and downs
07/01/2009 We did it!!!!!!!!!
06/30/2009 T minus tomorrow
06/23/2009 Of Anchors and men
06/19/2009 Starship Emeraldprise Lift off!
06/18/2009 Homegrown's all right with me
06/15/2009 Nice Crumpet!
06/01/2009 Happy Emerald Day, 'slogosphere'
05/31/2009 Green is good
05/27/2009 Strike out of Brighton
05/25/2009 Crack!
05/18/2009 Scurvy prevention
05/11/2009 Varnishing into the wind
05/04/2009 Food to last
04/30/2009 Beware the Sneezing Pig!
04/19/2009 It isn't all glamour and tropical islands!
02/19/2009 First week of retirement
02/11/2009 Starship 'Emeraldprise'
02/08/2009 Surviving the winter
01/24/2009 Heating and toasty toes
12/02/2008 Stone Masonry!
12/01/2008 Heating up
11/26/2008 All day erection
10/29/2008 Refleks install coming along
10/12/2008 A piece of boating history.
10/10/2008 Just a quickie
10/10/2008 Master Blaster.
09/30/2008 Chained and spliced
09/28/2008 Chain Plated
08/29/2008 Duran Duran
08/17/2008 I've Retired!
07/25/2008 My end's gone green ;-/
07/18/2008 Dive! Dive! Dive!
07/17/2008 A little piece of Histoire
06/13/2008 Forty days and forty nights
06/02/2008 Mast shhhhhhhhhh!
05/23/2008 For George
04/11/2008 Well we've really gone and done it now
02/11/2008 74 Days
02/10/2008 Firewood
02/07/2008 Mystic Ink
12/21/2007 Its cold
10/11/2007 Plans smans
10/08/2007 Ab-zorbing!!!!!!!!!
08/30/2007 Interface farce
08/07/2007 Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations
08/01/2007 First Last Day
07/11/2007 Getting the SSB working with Pactor
07/02/2007 First Weather fax
07/01/2007 Second post attempt via SSB
07/01/2007 First post via ssb
06/28/2007 The end
06/27/2007 Keen to be green
06/26/2007 Who needs a sextant!
06/24/2007 Showers and Meters
06/23/2007 Dinghy Wheels and Freezer Deals
06/22/2007 Spirit of Tradition - Midwinter celebrations
06/20/2007 Refits and Weddings
03/08/2007 Planks & Tanks
02/19/2007 Water tank debate
02/13/2007 There's a hole in my bucket...
02/08/2007 Pipes and curses
01/29/2007 Sprouts
01/26/2007 Dodgers, Victuals and Colinís second Law of Boat ownership
01/15/2007 Another Countdown
01/12/2007 Countdowns and Bells
01/11/2007 First of 2007
11/11/2006 Engine Woes
11/01/2006 Skip is home
11/01/2006 First Log Day
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