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06 July 2012 | Grenada
29 October 2011 | Tobago
29 October 2011 | Tobago
29 October 2011
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23 July 2011 | Brazil
23 July 2011 | Brazil
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26 June 2011 | Brazil

Island living update

06 July 2012 | Grenada
6th July 2012
It’s been over 6 months since our last update – Wow, where to start………….
We arrived in Grenada on 1st November 2011 after a good sail from Charlottesville Tobago. A short overnight sail with good winds and we were also lucky to catch 2 dorado!
Grenada is a very popular spot for cruisers to spend the hurricane season. As we had arrived in November the season was coming to an end so it was very busy with boats arriving and departing. We anchored in Prickley Bay – and our first priority was to get a new dinghy. Our old faithful Gemini had literally fallen apart in Tobago and we had been using Zoe’s little 2 man with 3.5hp for the last 2 weeks. Second hand dinghies are like hen’s teeth out here and to buy a new one at US$2500.00 was NOT an option. Lucky for us, after a week a 2nd hand one was advertised on the net – we got a great new “car” at a bargain price!
The Grenada Cruisers net transmits every day on channel 68 at 7.30am 6 days a week. It covers cruisers social events, weather, technical services and treasures of the bilge - where cruisers sell, give away or swop their junk or treasure.
As I was doing a charter in the Tobago Cays in December, we decided to stay in Grenada as our base until then before heading up the island chain. Leon was also keen to start doing some work and we had planned to head up to St Martin – this all changed when we heard there was a carpentry job on Calivigny Island. Calivignny Island is a privately owned island less than 1 mile off the Grenada coast. So by 1st December Leon was working and I had my first charter as Chef/1st mate lined up to start on 21st December. Leon’s work closed for the Christmas holidays and we headed up to Union Island where I would be starting the charter.
Kitesurtcat – a 47’ Nautitech is run and owned by Yann and his partner Karinne. We had met them in Toabgo in October, Karinne was 7 months pregnant at the time and they were looking for someone to do her job once baby arrived.
The charter was for 10 days, starting in Mustique, heading back down to Union Island, Tobago Cays then ending back in Mustique.
We sailed back to Grenada and Leon had started work by 4th Jan. His work permit came through by February, valid for a year.
The girls and I were leaving for Cape Town in February for 2 months and for Leigh’s wedding! We were so excited, except that Leon would not be coming with and leaving him for 2 months seemed impossible.
After almost 48 hours of travel we arrived in Cape Town – aaaahhhh to be home with family and friends was amazing. Leigh’s wedding was beautiful and Zoe and Nina took centre stage as flower girls who danced the night away in their fairy dresses. We took a trip up along the garden route for 2 weeks and spent sometime with Leon’s parents. It was great to catch up with family and friends and Zoe got see so many of her old school friends and so many people made an effort to see us – everyone wanted to know about our trip and what we had been up to for the last 15 months.
We left Cape Town in April just as Autumn was setting in – we were looking forward to getting back to the boat, the warmth and of course Leon.
As we were planning on staying in Grenada for at least another year, I had been looking into schools for the girls.
Zoe had started with Calvert grade 3 in January which is a fantastic home school program. Although it has worked well for us, she was keen to go to school. When we went on the school tour she was really excited and we liked the small class of 18 students. Zoe will be starting school at the Montessori in September – the start of the new school year in Grenada
I had already found a school for Nina to start as soon as we returned. She gets collected by a school bus at the marina at 8.30 and returns at 1pm.
As we are now in hurricane season – or as the locals call it, rainy season – the anchorages are very busy, especially Mt Hartman Bay. There are also a lot of boats with children at the moment – so the girls are busy everyday at the marina with new friends.
We are happy in Grenada and Leon is very busy at work so perhaps another year in Grenada is on the cards, but who knows.
I don’t know what I will be doing when Zoe starts school – although Leon tells me there is a very long list of “boat maintenance” jobs for me to attend to, or perhaps a teachers sabbatical spending a bit of time doing nothing……………..
Vessel Name: IZA
Vessel Make/Model: Maxim 38' Cat
Hailing Port: Simonstown, Cape Town
Crew: Leon (Dad) Nicci (Mom) Zoe & Nina
Leon - was in timber construction, but has always had a passion for long distance sailing - has already done 4 Atlantic Crossings. Nicci - love for Leon has set her off on a much awaited adventure Zoe - Deck swab # 1. At 7 yrs is eager to learn about everything onboard. Nina - Deck Swab # 2. [...]
Iza left Cape Town on 1st December with the Governors Cup Yacht Race to St Helena. We continued onto Ascension Island then to Brazil. We have been in Brazil for 6 months and are ready to leave for Tobago in a few weeks time. The plan is to spend a year or so in the caribbean then transit the Panama [...]
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Hot Cross buns
Hot Cross buns
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