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Yacht Larus
A slow circumnavigation
Atlantic crossing day 8 & 9
04 February 2013 | Over half way
Day 8 - 1200 Saturday 2nd of Feb to 1200 Sunday 3rd of Feb

1199 nautical miles to go.

Still becalmed. We motored slowly through the night and drifted along through the day. We read and snoozed and it was very pleasant.

Every once in a while during these calm nights, there will be an almighty bash on the side of the hull. It's the sort of noise that you hear when a rogue wave whacks you on the side. With no wind and no waves this was a little perplexing until Tim suggested that maybe we were being hit by flying fish.

We haven't had any on deck at all recently, but we have noticed the odd flaky patch of silver and black scales on various hard surfaces. We now think we've been bombarded in the night, and they've just been ricocheting off.

Not that I miss chucking their crisp little bodies over the side, but they are rather funny to see on deck in the morning. Their little 'flying' fins stick straight out to the side and their surprisingly large eyes give them an astonished look. There is something of the ┬'chalked around crime scene bodies┬' look to them - you know that awkward pose the bodies are always shown in. I have photos so in time you┬'ll see what I mean.

We did a whoping great 80 nm in the last 24 hours. We are revising our passage time from 16 days to a little more.

Day 9 - 1200 Sunday 3rd of Feb to 1200 Monday 4th of Feb

1048 nautical miles to go.

We hit the halfway point of 1050 nm just before noon and early this morning the wind has come up to a steady Force 4/5. We are now making sensible progress and are looking forward for a much more encouraging TTG ┬- Time To Go ┬- tomorrow. Not that we aren┬'t enjoying this, but I think we┬'ll enjoy the Caribbean at least as much.