28 May 2017
27 May 2017 | SW of Flores, Azores
26 May 2017 | Mid Atlantic
25 May 2017 | Mid Atlantic
24 May 2017 | Mid Atlantic
23 May 2017 | Mid Atlantic
22 May 2017 | Mid Atlantic
21 May 2017 | Mid Atlantic
20 May 2017 | Mid Atlantic
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01 March 2017 | Cayo del Rosario, Cuba
24 February 2017
20 February 2017
30 January 2017 | Isla Beata, Southern Tip of Dominican Republic
27 January 2017 | Barahona, DR
23 January 2017 | Las Salinas
21 January 2017 | Las Salinas
27 December 2016 | Esperanza, Isla De Vieques, Porto Rico
31 October 2016 | Portsmouth VA

A morning at the market

27 January 2017 | Barahona, DR
We are anchored in a small basin at Barahona, our last town in the DR before Cuba. We know shopping in Cuba will be restricted to whatever is left over after the farmers have handed most of their crop over to the government to be issued back as weekly rations, so it was time for a big fruit and veg shop. We also know there is a large market here, so this morning we took the dinghy over to the town commercial wharf loaded with shopping bags, money safely zipped away. The first challenge was climbing out of the dinghy, using an old black tyre we assume had been suspended for just this purpose. The market was huge, crowded and filthy. We resisted the meat stalls, where everything was hacked up on a bloody board and covered in flies, avoided being run over by motorbikes loaded with bananas, and tackled the fruit and veg avenue. About six stalls later, we ended up with this lovely haul, shown drying in the cockpit.

For the first time ever, I have washed everything in bleach solution. At least it will keep well, being local and never having seen a fridge until today. There are no air-miles here.Total cost- about $10.
Vessel Name: Yarona
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg Rassy, HR43
Hailing Port: Lancaster, UK
Crew: Barrie and Kath Stott
We came late to sailing in 2001, first on flotilla holidays then on various courses and "mile builders". By 2008 we had a plan, blew caution to the wind, downsized our home and sold our business. We bought Yarona and lived on board for six months each year, sailing in Scotland and then the Med. [...]
Extra: Yarona was launched in 2003. She had already done a circumnavigation when we bought her. We believe her to be the perfect yacht for a live-aboard couple. She is safe at sea and comfortable at anchor. She is our first boat, and probably our last!
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