Hot Springs
Barrie - Calm Moonlit Night 26C
Sun 3rd Jun 2012, Kammeni - Off Santorini

We had a wonderful late afternoon sail from Ios to Santorini, with calm seas and a gentle 10 knots of wind on the beam. Santorini doesn't have many places to moor a yacht as the pumice cliffs are sheer. Bill had told us about one of his favourite spots- a sheltered cove off a small island in the middle of the volcanic crater. The barren island is the cinder plug left by an ancient eruption, and by day the cove is a star attraction with a steady stream of tripper boats bringing people for a quick dip in the hot spring water. Even though we arrived at 18:45 we had to circle round for thirty minutes for the last of the boats to disappear, and then a fisherman indicated we should tie up to the buoy he was about to leave to set his nets. Now we have the place to ourselves and a few goats, and are looking forward to an early morning swim.
The photograph shows one of the many Hora built around the rim of the crater.

2012- Greece, The Cyclades
Party Island?
Sat 2nd Jun 2012, Ios Port

We left the quiet bay and motored for an hour round the corner to tie up on the town quay. We nearly gave Ios a miss due to its reputation as a noisy party island, but early in the season it is quiet, apart from when the HUGE ferries and fast catamarans arrive.
The old white Chora on the hill is lovely, and probably the first of many we'll visit.

2012- Greece, The Cyclades
A long day's sail
Thu 31st May 2012, Ormos Manganari, Ios

We set off from Spinalonga yesterday at 04.00, knowing we had a long day's passage ahead of us. We had to motor for the first 4 hours, then the wind steadily increased and we had a good sail.
The original plan was to go into the small marina on Santorini but we had had several warnings the entrance silted and might be too shallow. There was no reply when we phoned to check, so we decidied to continue heading north to Ios, and anchored in a bay on the south of the Island at 21.30, glad to have made it.
There was quite a swell in the bay when we arrived but this morning was flat calm, and barrie took this photo when he went for his morning swim.

2012- Greece, The Cyclades