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Ready to "Bash"! - Debbie Left Me!
Picture Perfect / Mark
05/03/2013, Marina Cabo San Lucas

I know, first I said I'd check-in everyday. Then, when I realized that my SPOTGPS/Transmitter was left in Vancouver, I back off and said I'd post whenever we a Telcel or other wifi connection. I guess I lied - again!

Debbie (Stinky) & I crossed the sea from Paradise Village to Cabo San Lucas, a passage of about 300nm. While it seems that the wind is always on Younger Girl's nose(s), at least it was light andte seas were flat our first night out. Debbie stood her 4 hr. Midnight watch like a trooper. By the second night, though, both wind and sea built up a bit. Debbie's watch was cut short, needing relief at 0230. Wind never exceeded 19 apparent and seas were only 2-4 feet, but at 3 seconds. We agreed that if she couldn't handle that, there was no way she could handle "the bash". She (and Stinky) flew home on Tuesday.

"Hasta Luego Bob" was thus promoted to 1st mate, while we had to shake the bushes for a third. Fortunately, my high school buddy, Dan, retied from UPS, last week. With zero overnight experience on a boat, he volunteered.

We begin the bash tomorrow, Friday (yeah, and we have bananas on broad), about 0600.

Next post: Turtle Bay.

Mark sciarretta

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Hurry Up; and Wait!
by Mark. Perfect Day for a Sail to Cabo!
04/22/2013, La Cruz Fuel Dock

Well, we checked out with the marina and port captain. We topped off water tanks, checked the oil, and cleaned Stinky's pee-mat. We said our final, final good-byes and were out of our slip by 1045. Running both engines at 2500 rpm, we made it to the La Cruz fuel dock in an hour. But, because a sport-fisher was fueling ahead of us, we were told there'd be a 20 minute wait. It's been an hour so far - wow, those big power boats are thirsty!

We have a way cool device, called a SPOT, that determines our position, anywhere in the world, then sends an email, via satellite telling folks were we are. Sadly, were it turned on right now, it'd tell you we're on top of our bookcase, in our home in Vancouver, Washington! That's right, we forgot to bring it with us this season. So, don't expect daily updates - or noon sites, as we call them. We'll be checking in only when Debbie's iPad is in range of 3G cell towers.

We'll be in touch. Our ETA in Cabo is late night, Wednesday. BTW: We're still waiting for fuel!!!

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Season's Over, Debbie's Got Giant Flowers Coming Out Her Ear!
Mark, Beautiful! 85˚, 56% humidity, only a zephyr
04/21/2013, Paradise Village Marina, Nuevo Vallata, NAY, Mex

I've been promising anyone that'll listen that I'd maintain a detailed blog on this, the 2012-13 edition of Younger Girl's "Keepin' the Summer Alive" Mexican cruise. Well, I lied. As you know, we've posted almost nothing. But, we're going to end with a flourish! Tomorrow, the cruise will officially end, as we transition to "delivery mode".
In the morning, we'll get official clearance (check out) from the Nuevo port captain, to cross 333 nm to Cabo San Lucas, BCS. We'll then top the fuel tanks and go. This will mark over a year since Debbie and I made an overnight passage - this will be at least two overnights - 4 hours "on", 4 hours "off".
Once in Cabo, we'll meet up with our old friend, "Hasta Luego" Bob. On the next weather window, we'll begin the "Baja Bash". But that's getting ahead of myself - let's get to Cabo, first! Come along for the (virtual) ride!

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Bottom Paint
Marco / Hazy & Warm
03/14/2013, Opequimar Boatyard

What can I say? We were do. We'll splash tomorrow. Can't use a "foul bottom" as an excuse for a poor performance in next week's BBR. But find another!

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Happy Holidays!
Mark / 83˚ at 6:30 p.m. soft breeze, wonderful!
02/06/2013, Bahía de Tenacatita, Jalisco, México

[Note: You might have noticed that this "Holiday Card" is a little more than a little late. And, that's pretty well true regardless of what holiday we're talkin' about - be it Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Ramadan, or all Twelve Days of Christmas! It's not my fault - My calendar stopped. That's right, it was working just fine, right up to moment it quit - Yeah, it was the darnedest thing. Damn Mayans!!!! Oh well, better late than never, right?]

¡Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo!

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Nah, it was just the best of times. Debbie & I had another great year! We hope the same was true for you!
We rang in 2012 in Mexico, and we were in Mexico to ring it out. But, our news was primarily from the good ol' US of A. In April, we listed Younger Girl for sale Nuevo Vallarta's Paradise Village Marina, and flew to Portland for the summer. A few weeks later, we bought a house in Vancouver. It seemed as though we were just getting settled in before we began travelling again. In August, we flew to San Diego, so that we could sail our old boat Consigliare to the Bēnēteau Rendezvous on Catalina Island (Thanks Tony!). Only a few weeks later, we drove to San Diego, with stops in Sacramento and Bakersfield to visit Debbie's sister and brother, for the Lucky Duck Swing & Soirée That was great fun as we had the opportunity to see lot of old friends !
But, the big trip of the year was a fly/drive to the American NE/Canadian SE. In order to attend last year's Banderas Bay Regatta crew members Michelle & Jordan's wedding in October, first we flew to Buffalo, where we spent the night, then rented a car. It was then a series of mostly one night stands : Niagara Falls (Niagara on the Lake*), ON; (2 nights) Geneva, NY* ; Newport, RI* ; Cambridge, MA* ; Québec, City, QC*; Montréal, QC*; Toronto, ON*; Thedford, ON*; Bay City, MI*, (2 nights) Clio, MI; and finally back to Buffalo. The asterisks indicate locations with excellent sailing opportunities. Of course, we had no boat to sail.
So, now it's February, and we've begun sailing south from our boat's summer base in Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta). This is likely to be our final winter in Mexico, as we hope to "bash" back to San Diego in the late spring and try again to sell the Younger Girl. In the meantime, we're looking forward to the Banderas Bay Regatta in March, and Loreto Fest (Sea of Cortez) in early May. In between those, we'll probably spend a bit of time in Mazatlán and La Paz.
Why sell Younger Girl?, you ask. Well, with four double cabins and 2 heads, she makes the perfect floating home. And, with the right wind conditions, she can sail fast, very fast! But, she just doesn't transmit excitement back to the helm (steering wheel). So, we're now thinking "tri", rather than "cat". In exchange for the performance, we'll be giving up a whole lotta' comfort.
Why do I tell you this?
Well, if you've ever dreamed of cruising with us, this is the season! Or what remains of it.... If you're a racer, you might want to join us for 3 days of "marks" racing in the Banderas Bay Regatta (19-23 March), There might also be racing at Loreto Fest (2-4 May). In between, we'll be "hangin' out in Banderas Bay, Mazatlán, La Paz, and various islas in the Sea of Cortez. And of course, for you sailors, there's the passages to and from these locals. Finally, sometime shortly after Loreto Fest, we'll be doing the 800 mile Baja Bash from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego. Wanna' join us? Especially, family! Call or write - we'll see if we can make room for you!

Merry Christmas,
Mark, Debbie & (of course), Stinky

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Mark - Hazy
03/04/2012, Laguna de Navidad


This is my new(est) sailing website. I may get it working shortly. However, in the meantime, if you want to see pix, "friend me" on Facebook. You might also check out the older blogs for Younger Girl and "Consigliare": and

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