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Cruising with Zelda
2nd attempt at getting to San Francisco
Gale/ clear and blustery
04 July 2012 | Moss Landing, CA
The following weekend, Laurence and Pieter get in and we head off to pick them up in Sausalito. SO, another 3 hour drive to Moss Landing. We arrive in Moss Landing and saunter down to the dock. The smell of propane is in the air, STRONG. As we get closer to the boat it becomes really evident that the smell is coming from Zelda. It is a good thing that none of us smoke because the propane from two tanks has leaked into the boat. If none of you have ever seen what happens when propane ignites, it is a REALLY ugly site, usually causing close to a half million dollars in damage to the dock and the boats surrounding. Unfortunately before we could ascertain what was happening, Laurence was on the boat trying to start the engine. Fortunately it would not turn over. Bob and Laurence opened the engine hatch to discover that the entire engine compartment was filled with a milky haze of propane. It is a very good thing that no sparks were ignited.
The propane dispersed after all ports were opened, etc. The propane was shut off and Laurence and Pieter were on their way. We settled with the Harbor Master and drove 2 hours back to the Bay Area, praying for clear sailing and calm seas for Laurence and Pieter.

Next morning Laurence and Pieter brought Zelda into San Francisco. It,apparently was smooth, but cold going. Since they did not have any proprane, they were not able to make anything warm to eat or drink. I met them at the boat with hot tea. Hot showers, clean clothes, and 2 airline tickets later we sent our courageous captain and his friend home. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the services of Laurence Sunderland. He brought our Zelda home with a sail that had disintegrated, propane rupture that could have been the end for all of us, inadequate systems, no hot water or food. Thank you Laurence and Pieter. I hope this is the start of a long friendship.