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Zen - family cruising catamaran
Family of 4 sailing from New England to Auckland, New Zealand '08-'10
Zen's Photos - Fall '08
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Amistad!  Friendship in PLC - bountiful gifts off our bows
Arepas!!!  Loved them!
Cammi and Caroline with their "homework" - a game board they designed
Cole and karate on a rainy day
rainy day activities in VZ
Hurray!!!  Someday Came is with Zen - two Rhode Island family boats!
Testigos Sunset w/Ben & Sam from Indy
Sunset in Testigos
Driftwood Testigos
Team Zen
Capt & 1st Mate
Cole, strike a pose
You can see Cammi and Cole in the distance running to the sea
Restaurant in Testigos
en route to Blanquilla
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