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25 November 2013 | 30 deg 32 min S and 016 deg 11 min E

Vallentinna's reply

05 January 2012 | 11 deg 19 min N 021 deg 04 min W
Tom & Valentinna
Picture: Sushi - Paulo's favourite

Hi All,
It's fantastic getting replies back so quickly and appreciated by everyone.

Sleep is a precious commodity that is taken for granted in the city. One goes through the day, enjoys the evening with friends or the television and the heads off to bed for an uninterrupted, re-vitalizing sleep to prepare for the next day. Here however there is never the possibility of going through the night fast asleep. Our watch roster continues and although there are theoretically six hours between ones watches there are also other things to so sleep is gleaned in short spells both day and night whenever one can. Sometimes one is not actually tired but knowing that a watch duty will be required soon then we need to cultivate the habit of resting before hand. One of my favorites is from three to five in the afternoon. If I am able to get that little "power-nap" then I am able to head into the night duties easily. It is also necessary to take care at all times of others needing to rest and respect this with quiet on their behalf.

As many of the exciting things that we are seeing and experiencing there are also the mundane. It is not unusual to see one of us sitting with a bucket doing some personal laundry.

A strange feature of this voyage is the continuous cloud cover that we have had. Prior to St. Helena and continuing northwards the sky was mostly overcast but with good visibility. Often there are the most spectacular sunsets but I only recall one such opportunity to photograph the scene. For the past few days the sky has had a hazy appearance with poor visibility as if there is a mist around us but at a short distance.

A little earlier a ship passed and whist we monitored it on the radar at about five miles distance it was not visible as it normally would be. These are the tropics and the humidity is quite high so perhaps this has something to do with it. But it just goes to show that out here no two days are the same.

Valentinna has asked to make a contribution to the blog so here it is;

Un saluto a tutte la persone che amo :``siete piu vicine che mai! piu di quando lo siete fisicamente''. Auguro un buon anno nuovo a tutti quanti, e di provare la stessa sensazione che ho provato io sotto una grande scia di una stella cadente.
Vi auguro di essere cosi' sazi da non avere desideri da esprimere per il nuovo anno ma solo un sentimento di gratitudine ad ogni vostro respiro... solo per il semplice motivo di farlo!!!! "certo, sotto un infinito cielo stellato e una stella cadente viene meglio!!"
Comunque, vorrei anche scrivere di una persona, TOM.
Who is Tom?
E' un compagno di viaggio speciale, sempre presente con rispetto e riservatezza. Una persona unica e profonda come queste acque.
Grazie a lui inoltre possiamo ricevere i vostri commenti o scrivere e soprattutto per me, far vedere a mia nonna che lo gnocco non teme il mare!!
Un abbraccio special alla mia famiglia e al mio uomo preferito, ciao Papy!

It is early evening and I hope to get this away before going on watch.
Now at 11 deg 19 min North and 021 deg 04 min West.

Cheers, Tom.
Vessel Name: Allora
Hailing Port: Cape Town
Crew: Tom and 2 Other
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Who: Tom and 2 Other
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