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Winds at last!
29/01/2010, 25 deg 46 min S 06 deg 57 min E

One week in, one tack, one gybe, and a whole lot of fuel later .... the South Easterly Trade winds have arrived! Sailing goose-winged Tom has achieved the sea speed record to-date of 8.8 knots ( Scratch that ,Troye just managed a 9.2 whilst typing this note) some excillirating sailing due to the limitations of the main on a run ie the standing rig is in the way.

On the biological front, the Atlantic has shown its bio-diversic hand in the form of two whales (possibly southern rights, from the curve of their back and the small dorsal fin ), two glow-in the dark dolphins, a turtle and an ex- flying fish (found aft of the starboard bow). Aerially consisted of the odd big brown, and big grey jobs. bbj and bgj respectively.

The shooting stars have been just heavenly, set against the back drop of
Mars in the east and Venus about 5 degrees off the port bow. These where only noticed due to the lack-luster performance of the Sun to show a Green Flash.

Barring Troye's two to nothing "opps another washing up item just went off the back , and smacks of someone not wanting to scrub the decks" A4018 is starting to have quite sparkle, now that the grime of Cape Town has finally been removed.

Thanks to Mark for the opening to today's blurb sheet. He had his birthday
yesterday which was duly celebrated with rich fruit cake and custard.

Since leaving we have been frustrated with contrary winds and hot days. The up side was that we were able to get the boat cleaned from the city grime whilst "sailing" more evenly and being able to dig beep into the bucket of elbow grease.

With the south east winds have come a lot of clouds and we are all feeling the cooler temperatures today. The rain squalls on the 6 to 9 watch brought a refreshing feeling and with a chamois put the sparkle back on the windows.

For those new to our sailing circle I carry a long range SSB radio which allows getting weather information and also being able to get these messages out via an amateur radio system. By it's nature we can not do long messages or take extensive mails, but will do our best to keep all informed.

A daily position report gets sent out with the noon utc position and a short text quote of the day ( 80 characters ). This can be viewed at Enter callsign ZS1TA in the top left box and the click on view last 30 days in the drop down box. Wait for the google map to load with the plots, (or you can click on the latest position link on the right of this page. Shaun).

I see that Shaun is adding to the blog site again, so Thank you Shaun.

So much for today, see you all next time.

Cheers, Tom

Tom / No Wind

Winds have died out here and progress painfully slow.
Ran APRS beacon yesterday and was picked up by some igates.
Maybe you want to see if can find on internet, search aprs findu.



Hi Everyone,

The frenetic activity and preparations did not seem to want to end but then
the moment arrived and we were at the Port authorities clearing out. With
Emigration and Customs formalities completed we took "MOORINGS A4018" to the fuel bunker to load up our tanks and additional plastic barrels with
hopefully sufficient fuel to take us to the Mediterranean.

It is strange for me as I have always sailed a named vessel, and these names bear an association with the owners or crews and are a significant part of any vessel at sea. Here however we have a sailing catamaran destined for the charter market and although only having a number will no doubt provide a great deal of pleasure to many.

The time since leaving we have been getting accustomed to her sailing needs and are fast learning the tweaks to keep going efficiently. The winds have not been too kind in that they have not really come along to play with on our adventure to Gocek. The Westerly that came up just after leaving took us along for the first night with ease although a little north of our intended route. It was felt that it was OK as the anticipated south easterly winds would bring us back on track. This however has not happened and what little wind there has been has come from the north.

This morning we motored again for several hours. This gained some miles in
the calm and also charged the batteries. Significantly we have had to concentrate on a lot of boat cleaning. This is a major part of each days effort as the boat was in the harbour for the holiday period and got covered in all sorts of grime. Washing and hosing on the mooring several times just did not seem to get rid of it all. Now at least out here we are able to make progress as the dirt is not replaced as we clean away. To think that we also breath all that grime and pollution whilst in the city. Scary thought but a reality!

Now about 350 miles from Cape Town at position 30 deg 10 min S, 13 deg 07min E.

We are enjoying the Sunday afternoon with a little cool jazz.
Cheers, Tom

They're Back!
Tom & Crew
05/03/2009, Cape Town

Position on 5 March 2009 at 1500 UTC: 33 deg 45.1 S, 018 deg 08.2 E.

Die Suid-Oos het ons toe redelik goed karnuffel - met 3 reefs in die main en reef op jib het ons vir 36 uur teen hom gestoei. Die gevolg was dat hy ons meer as 100 see myl (180 km) noord van ons beplande posisie gestoot het tot regoor Saldanha baai. Vanoggend vroeg het hy sy greep verswak en op plat see seil ons nou teen die wind Suid na Kaapstad. Ons is tans 3 uur vanaf Kaapstad.

Gedurende die vorige nag het 'n brander met 'n paar ton water ons reg op die kant getref - die gevolg was dat die baie sterk klein porthole venster van Andre se cabin in sy toe-poesisie,die metal ramwerk gebuig het en water ingestroom het. Nood reparasies (die opsny van n bad kamermatjie) kon die meeste water vir die res van die nag buite gehou word. Vanoggend het ons die water uitgepomp wat deur die nag ingekom het.

Wat betref die Matroos soek 'n vrou-kompetisie, het die be-oordelaars na vele oorweging van die 100de inskrywings om 'n wenner aan te wys. Die be-oordelaars se beslissing is finaal en geen korrespondensie sal toegelaat word nie. Die wenner is: Die aanvallige Amanda werksaam by SANLAM. Amanda, Andre sal jou binnekort kontak en reel vir n aand uit waar hy met strikdassie geklee sal wees en jy jou heel mooiste klere sal aanhe. Baie geluk en hou die organiseerders op hoogte van verwikkelinge.

Groete en liefde aan almal wat ons vaart gevolg het.

Bom dia!

After two heavy days with rough seas and strong winds I awoke this morning to a perfect day. The sun was rising in a cloudless sky and the swell much flatter. The south easter is still blowing so we are motoring into the harbour. We will round Robben Island and then head south to the yacht club. There is a bit of a haze, but we can already see Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. Probably another three hours before landfall. I have mixed emotions at the moment, split between very happy being back in the Cape and also sad to be ending this wonderful journey.This will probably be this last "daily email" so I will chat to you soon!


The joy of a day time landfall improved by the welcome beckoning of our beloved Table Mountain. Thanks guys for a wonderful voyage and the contributions to a life of happy memories.


Just spoke to Tom on the cell phone. I can confirm they are back on Terra Firma. They will be having a wee dram followed by the final Crew Dinner before heading home.

Welcome Back Lads.

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05/03/2009 | bernadine gregory
Guys - we are all very pleased that you are home safely and from the sounds of it you had a wonderful experience filled with memories and hopefully there will be another one! For us who stayed behind, we will really miss the daily "MYRTLE" emails which have provided entertaining afternoon reading!
Wet & Wild
Tom & Crew
04/03/2009, Atlantic

Position on 4 March 2009 at 1430 UTC: 33 deg 55.1 S, 015 deg 47.8 E.

Die Suid Oos doen sy werk, ons seil met 2 reefs in die main, twee rolle op die jib en stamp soos in n was masjien, in 25 tot 30 knope wind, ons word verder noord gedruk as wat ons wou wees, sal probeer regmaak as dieSuid Oos bedaar.

Die see is kwaad.


Poor signals on both SSB radios today. A hooligan south easter to welcome us to Cape waters.


yeee haaaa royal wet-and-wild cape welcome for us; a rough sea, a big swell/waves and a 25 knot South Easter!

Hi Everyone,

This story is drawing to a close. If you enjoyed the despatches from Tom and the rest aboard Myrtle then you are in luck. They will be in Port soon but John - ZS1JNT, another Radio Ham is still out there en-route to Brazil.

You can check on John's progress at:

Shaun - Blogmaster

Homeward Bound
Pierre & Crew
03/03/2009, Atlantic

Position on 3 March 2009 at 1400 UTC: 34 deg 23.4 S, 013 deg 06.8 E.

Dit wil lyk na Donderdag aand in Kaapstad, maar iemand se dat dit is nog nie verby "untill the fat lady sings". Vir ons hang dit af hoe hard die suid oos ons more gaan karnuffel.

Kommentaar oor visvangs was voorheen maar skraps aangesien dit n teer saak was. In kort het ons omtrent al 7spinners verloor (tot die laaste een ook) en John, die Valie, maak toe maar n Vaaldam-spinner met die stukkies wat oor is, en ja, wonder werke gebeur nog elke dag, en daar vang hy n tunatjie gister wat vanmiddag te heerlik voorgesit is met smash.



For lunch we had our first fresh fish of the trip, fried with a crumbed layer by our chef Pierre - wonderful! Wanted to try sushi, but gave that a skip. I'm on the watch at the moment and then I thought either the chartplotter is going crazy or I am. It showed the boat doing 360s at a speed of 16 knots! Maybe my head was just spinning. But the sun is still behind us so we must be heading in a easterly direction.

It looks like we will be making landfall on Friday the latest or maybe even Thursday if everything goes well... wait... another fish is being pulled in...

Okay so no one wants to mention it so I will..Yep fish has been caught. The first fish on the trip. By the Vaallie from Jhb .When all had given up any hope, the Vaallie riggered up a lure and brought one home. So there. It took a Vaaalie from JHB to show the Capetonians how to catch a fish.OHH Damm I hear the words "Keel haul" from the fore deck. :-)

Regards to all. Bye-Bye.

03/03/2009 | Bernadine Gregory
Hey John, when I heard you caught your first fresh fish, I thought you just HAVE to read this - Brett went to a trout farm in Dalstroom over the weekend and caught not one, but TWO trout! He was so impressed with himself. They cleaned the fish and brought it home and tonight for dinner we had the most delicious fresh trout! I dont think Brett has ever enjoyed fish as much!!!
04/03/2009 | Francois du Toit
Hey Andy - Lyk my julle is oppad Papendorp toe. Wou julle ingewag het met julle aankoms, maar weet nie as ek so ver wil ry nie. Gaan die enjins nie een of ander tyd teen die SuidOoste gebruik word nie. Moet julle by Kaapstad eindig of kan julle by Saldanha stop. Laat weet aankompunt en ETA wanneer moontlik. Ek sal vir "Matroos soek 'n vrou" seker so spoeidig as moontlik by Durbanville se uitgaanplekke moet kry om te hengel vir die groot vis... natuurlik wanneer die hare en baard eers afgeskeer is!
Downwind Sailing
Tom & Pierre
02/03/2009, Atlantic

Position on 2 March 2009 at 1400 UTC: 34 deg 26.8 S, 010 deg 50.2 E.

Pic: Pierre, with the spinnaker in the background.

Ola amigos!
Yesterday we had a great evening. We toasted champagne to a special young lady that goes by the name of Jodie and we then chatted away to the music of James Blunt and Roxette in the background.

The wind picked up before my 2300 shift and we hoisted the BIG RED spinnaker by 2315. From then until 1315 today we ran 99 nautical miles with the wind which equates to an average of just over 7 knots an hour. The sky is virtually cloudless currently and with the wind and the swell from behind the sailing is very pleasant.

We are ready to beat into the south easter which is expected on Wednesday. Andre Looking like the Michelin man with 4 layers of clothes on my night watch we sailed out of the cold and into the sunshine. Beautiful down-windsailing at it's best.


Ons vorder fluks rigting Kaapstad. Wind van agter maar n moontlike sterksuid-ooster le vir ons en wag Woensdag.

Alles is wel, geen klagtes.


03/03/2009 | Gaye MareƩ Cecilia
Please can we have a picture of koeksister and the red spinnaker
Pierre & Andre
01/03/2009, Atlantic

Position on 1 March 2009 at 1430 UTC: 34 deg 15.4 S, 008 deg 01.2 E.

Nadat ons laas nag nog taamblik rond geskommel is in 'n omgekrapte see, is ons vanoggend begroet vir die eerste keer in 'n hele paar dae met sonskyn en spinaker weer. Ons seil rustig op die Sondag middag met die wind vanagter teen 5 knope.



The first three words from one of the Gorillaz's songs are, "I see sunshine...". That's how I felt this morning yawning and stretching walking onto the aft deck. What a nice feeling.

Otherwise we are sailing along nicely with the spinnaker flying bright and red. Looking forward to a taste of Pierre's pepperoni pizza that is in the oven at the moment.

That's it for this Sunday.

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