Sailing Ti Amo - Our Fourth Adventure

02 December 2019 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
01 December 2019 | Fort Lauderdale, Fl
30 November 2019 | West Palm Beach, Florida
29 November 2019 | Lake Worth, Florida
28 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean, Florida Coast
27 November 2019 | St. Augustine, FL
26 November 2019 | St. Augustine, FL
25 November 2019 | Dungeness Anchorage, Cumberland Anchorage
24 November 2019 | St Mary’s, GA
23 November 2019 | Cumberland Island, GA
22 November 2019 | Plum Orchard Anchorage
21 November 2019 | Offshore
20 November 2019 | Charleston, SC
19 November 2019 | Charleston, SC
18 November 2019 | Awendaw Creek
17 November 2019 | Bucksport, SC
16 November 2019 | Bucksport, SC
15 November 2019 | Dutchman’s Creek, Southport
14 November 2019 | Mile Hammock, Camp Lejeune NC
13 November 2019 | Oriental, NC

Sail On

17 January 2020 | Willams Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
glenda groome
With a day of “settled” weather, we have elected to move from Black Point down to Lee Stocking Island. We love that Island with all the places to adventure when there is weather from the east or northeast even.

So we picked up the anchor at about 7:15 and head out with intentions of going out of Galliot Cut into the ocean and then back in at Adderly Cut to the sound side at Lee Stocking. It was such a nice sail on the “inside”, I was not looking forward to getting out on the ocean. However we were the first boat in line so we needed to “test” the cut and the sea state for those that followed.

Piece of cake. A little unsettled at the mouth of the ocean but for the most part it was pretty easy. With that, we head out a little farther than most so we can get a good sailing angle. Others were fishing and wanted to stay in a certain part of the water. The sail was GREAT! You know we have complained quite a bit about wind this year yet we have had our best sailing year already here in the Bahamas.

We arrive at Adderly Cut about !:00 pm and head to Lee Stocking where Greg and I decide to continue on just a piece to Williams Cay as is has the better view and beaches for Jaxon to run. The anchor is down and we are one of two boat in the anchorage......for an hour. Next thing we know from the south end comes a fleet of five boats and then another comes in from the north. Oh well! The more the merrier.

Off to give Jaxon a much needed haircut and then prepare dinner and get a few chores done so we can play tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Ti Amo
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47 LRC
Hailing Port: Topping, VA
Crew: Greg and Glenda Groome
Ti Amo's Photos - Trip Down the ICW
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A Trot Around Town: Several tours of historic homes and landmarks are available via one of Fletcher
Charleston Homes: Just love the architecture and the colors with both paint and flowers
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More Charleston Homes
Fort Sumter Memorial
Fountain in Battery Area in Charleston: This would more correctly be titled...."Chewie
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Streets of Charleston
Courtyards & Entrances: All of the homes here have such character and lovely courtyards and/or entrances
Courtyards & Entrances: All of the homes here have such character and lovely courtyards and/or entrances
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From The Underside: This is what our mast looks like as we pass under these 65 foot bridge openings.  I still hold my breath.
Best Mate Asleep?: Well I think someone is asleep on the job.....guess it best to be this guy than the other guy
Traffic Jam: We start our trip with a bridge that is "normally" open.  That should have been a clue for things to come.  All boats are jockeying for position....kind of reminds me of a horse race.

The Crew

Who: Greg and Glenda Groome
Port: Topping, VA