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15 November 2021 | P. G. Belize
11 November 2021 | Guatemala
29 July 2021 | Belize
28 July 2021 | Belize
22 July 2021 | Nana Juana Marina
15 July 2021 | Puenta Gorda, Belize
12 July 2021 | Ambergris Cay, Belize
06 July 2021 | El Milagro Marina
30 May 2021 | Islamorada
30 April 2021 | Murphy Town
27 April 2021 | Marsh Harbor
25 April 2021 | Bakers Bay
23 April 2021 | Bimini
21 April 2021 | Islamorada
25 February 2021 | Belize
24 February 2021 | Cucumber Marina Old Town Belize City !
23 February 2021 | Cucumber Marina Old Belize
22 February 2021 | Belize CIty
21 February 2021 | Sittee Point

The Adventure Continues....

15 November 2021 | P. G. Belize
Gail Gordon | grey skies above
Time flies aboard as one day blurs into the next. Our highlight of the trip was Gladden Caye when seven dolphins approached Viento Azul . Naturally enthusiastic swimmers jump in! To the delight of all, the interaction and play in the wild was by far a gift from God. The wild of nature penetrates your soul in an excitement beyond measure. This experienced penetrates deep into the crevices of your soul. ! The saying “ time flies when you are having fun”, we are finding is to be true here, in the southern Belize islands.

After departing Guatemala through Livingston, we entered Belize in Punta Gorda in a matter of four hours under peaceful grey skies with rather calm waters. The day turned sunny and by late afternoon we were swimming in the beautiful shallows of Snake Cay. The color was brilliant and alive with numerous purple sea-fans waving in the gentleness of the approaching evening.

Night falls and thanks to Tracy the most amazing food was prepared with precision and love, which continued through out our journey. The catch of the day being mackerel was prepared and there was not a complaint on the boat. If there was, you would soon be over board as we are the no complaint kitchen. I did have a slip one night on salt but was not thrown over board. Thank God for friends, mercy and love. Food becomes an evening focus after a full day on the water, whether it be relaxing in the sun, taking in a good book, or playing hard in God’s creation. And we did all ! Food was from one flavor to the next, Guatemala chicken hidden in the freezer and hamburger for a simple American delight turned into fresh roasted tomato soup fresh caught lobster, conch, and fish. There is always the fall back of good old fashion peanut-butter when combined with coffee and bananas turns in to a culinary frozen delight , one of Tracys secret weapons of goodness.

Who knows what day it is but we are now anchored off of Ranguana a sweet palm filled landmass surrounded by reef and turquoise waters, ablaze in color to the artistic eye, a huge comfort to the body and a thrill to the hunters. Ted and I were curious of what appeared to be an abandoned small mono hull. The jib was damaged , the dingy was secured on the top deck and the hatch open, but nobody home. It looked as a a case of distress. Wonder begins and the imagination starts! Finally a military boat approached with two woman , they pulled anchor and were towed off. The mystery is just that, a mystery to us. Meanwhile underwater the vibe was peaceful and exciting at the spotting of a hog fish, an all time favorite to Florida Keys Reef dwellers with a spear in hand. Perfect shot and perfect fit for the evening pan. Above water with rod in hand, Holt reels in a mutton snapper, which brings back memories of scout days in the Abaco’s, where we hosted teams of twenty Boy Scouts of America High Adventure trips! The mutton would at times be too big for the grill. Today it was perfect for the pan which works just as well for a group of nine. Ted & Gail, Holt&Kelly , Dave&Amy, Adam&Mckinley and our beautiful Tracy who has traveled all the way from South Africa!

Belize has instilled natural “Marine Reserve” zones in the reef areas. Rangers patrol and take admission of $25 BZ per person, the ticket says $20 so please don’t quote me on the price. We met Chuck who was kind to share this new news to us, as we had a lobster in our hand. Oops, thank goodness this particular zone even though it is a nature reserve, it is a legal take zone of Gladden Spit Silk Cay. This outer area of the reef looked like dry bones, in need of prayer for life and our friends Denise and Ken Nedimeyer with Coral Restoration who plant coral farms all over the world to replenish the ocean. There is a natural order to life, storms may damage the reef or disease, not all destruction is due to man and improper anchoring but some is, so take care of the reef and don’t over due your sunscreen.

Eventually we sailed on to Buttonwood Cay which was a tiny island cay and here we met many bugs and a tremendous amount of dragon flies. The conservationist group “ Friends of Nature” have acquired Buttonwood with a vision to create a “Resource Center “ for fishermen and tour guides. In the mean time, it is quite desolate with one house in need of a few repairs, and a rickety dock surrounded by beauty. It was interesting to see the turtle grass co-mingling with a bed of hard corals making a carpet which was sharp to the touch, but easy to float over. A few conch were scattered around in the water, happy for the flow through creating a good environment for conch. The wind picked up in the dark of night and continued on to morning and for the next few days.

Eighteen knots plus on our beam made for smooth fast sailing, peaking at 9.8 on a beam reach. Headed towards Placencia with a couple of stops in-between rain came. This calls for only partial rest being somewhat relaxed until ……….The hydro foil and kite wing came out compliments to Holt and Kelly . The wing was bright green and fun to be introduced to as a new and upcoming water sport. Meanwhile the men and Mckinney in were working at mastering the hydro foil. Amy and I did a snorkel explore and unfortunately Kelly was covered with a reaction to jelly fish and to go back in the water would not be fun for her. With a group of skiers and water sport enthusiast much fun was had!

Last and best of all Gladden Cay our favorite . Anchored in a channel which outstretched from two small cays the snorkeling was most colorful . Here on a hill below the sea was an abundance of red sponges interwoven with moss bright greens, purples and golden colors of a healthy reef. Schools of medium size bluefish with the occasional electric blue, tiny spotted reef fish was fun to observe. As Amy and I swam around the cay the water became very shallow and behold in my path was a grand conch, a treasure to gaze upon and my favorite to eat, as I am allergic to fish. Swimming carrying our trophy conch back to the boat we were able to see his outer shell in the sunlight. It glowed of neon pink and purple splashes of coral growth. I never saw anything so mesmerizing in my life on a shell . As I walked with my new found friend towards the freezer, my heart became sympathetic and I decided I did not want to give him a slow death but return him to the sea for life. As I walked to release him his foot came out to the shell touching my hand and then he stretched out his neck and with his eyes touched my heart even deeper. This interaction with nature combined with sunshine and friendly dolphin surely was the most memorable stop for us all.

Mid -day the perfect sail into Placensica harbor was the close to a fabulous trip topping it off with dinner at Ricks Place . We had celebrated Tracy’s birthday there prior in the week and were all happy to return for one last meal together until the next time we meet!

Reunion of Friends aboard Viento Azul

11 November 2021 | Guatemala
Gail Gordon | Perfect!
After a long journey and touring Guatemala City with Byron 'the best tour guide in Guatemala City.' Holt&Kelly , Dave&Amy, and Adam&Mckinley arrived. Colorado is a good 18 hours behind.

The drive to the Rio Dulce is an adventure in itself. The many villages along the way and sights to see are many. The organic macadamia farm on the outside of Antigua, topped off with the Dole plantation is the start. Byron sharing the history of Guatemala along the way stops excitedly for the group to experience an authentic lunch on a river side where only the brave will dare to go for a dip and cool off from the hot, muggy climate of Guatemala.

As the sunsets, Nana Juana Marina is in sight. Perched on the Rio Dulce river bank with the greatest view of the 80 foot high Rio Dulce bridge. Viento Azul is sitting quietly at
the dock with Ted, Gail, and Tracey excitedly awaiting our guests arrival. We too had our own adventure prior to our teams arrival.

You never know what lies ahead and we were surprised after a return trip to the states.
We traveled from Florida and our friend Xochi met us at the Guatemala City airport. A long 16 hour day of travel begs for a good night sleep and we were looking forward to it. I had left the boat ready for charter and was feeling happy to be home. Unknowingly, we walked into an unpleasant surprise. We found that messages often get mixed up . We had hired a friend to do some small varnish work. Instead, we arrived to the middle of an interior paint job that completely upended the boat. Sleeping on the coach top was the best option due to the chaos inside the boat. Needless to say I was feeling very disappointed but also grateful it was not raining and it stayed dry all night.

Before the sun begins to rise, Tracey arrives on the boat from a work away program. She says "Hi, I am here to clean." Well thank God he sent her because I was coming unglued and totally fatigued. She happens to be a great cook and cleaner so we welcomed her with arms wide open as part of our team.

As the suns sets on the river Byron arrives with our guests who are our wonderful friends. It has been a few years since we have sailed together but it is just like yesterday, as love abounds no boundaries of time. Quickly dropping off their bags on the deck of Viento Azul we all hopped in the launcha to cross the river for an America style dinner of pizza at Catamaran Marina. The star filled night was one of beauty with a light breeze combined with good food and friends makes for a great start.

With all the new smiling faces aboard and Viento Azul shining clean, its time to move on to the kind of adventure that really makes you smile.,

It happened to be October 31 and my birthday. To celebrate, we jumped into our launcha and headed up lake Izabal where Aqua Caliente is tucked away in the jungle. A hot waterfall where two streams meet one , hot and cold. Following the cold stream on the steep riverbank, rock caves are recessed in the cliffy hillside. Scalding back down the bank, the river pours out of the cave. Going deep inside into the darkness, waist deep turns to swimming as the way to pass . Twisting and turning the deeper you go the creepier it gets. With a stick rising from the bottom, your imagination soars to the poisonous snakes of Guatemala! As we continue, the quiet turns into a roar getting louder as we go. Our light is one cell phone and one head lamp. Scaling up a few rocks, there before us cascading down in power is the beginning of many falls. The river continues underground for meters where eventually it is a 150 foot climb to get out.
Well this is the point which we turn around and return to the sun and follow the river back to where we started. On this end is a boulder field that provides a great work out with an obstacle course including a grand fallen tree. Just a little farther and the walk tames down. Interesting sulfur springs trickle in off the banks until we reach the falls of Aqua Caliente where the two rivers meet. The hot water never felt so good on our now tired muscles. Climbing higher up the falls following the hot stream, you come to its entrance where fresh clay from the earth is ready for our spa day. The only thing standing between us and the clay is scalding hot water you have to run across. We made clay in hand and headed back down to relax in the river below.
Our adventure home offered a stop at Casa Aqua Azul for delicious fresh coconut soup paired with rice, beans, salsa and 13 amazing beautiful children giving hugs galore!
Before the sun sets, we are back in the launcha traveling across smooth water ready to return to Casa Aqua Azul the next day.
November 1.. We return with chain saw in hand. Ted, Holt, Adam and Dave spent the morning trimming trees and preparing the land up on the hill, which is the future sight to house missionaries coming to Casa Aqua Azul. The property will be planted as a fruit grove to help feed the poor and aid in sustainability to Casa Aqua Azul, a home to vulnerable children of Guatemala.

November 2.. Time in Guatemala moves fast . Viento Azul with all aboard, untie from the dock and head down river. Passing by many river bank villages, the breathtaking canyon walls appear just before you arrive in the colorful port town of Livingston. Here we clear customs, do last minute shopping and enjoy the energy exuding from the many hearts of joyful happy people. An evening of water sports behind the dingy ended our day in the twilight hours.
Dinner was served, the rain came hard and night fell.

November 3.. 5 am even too early for birds, Capt Ted cranks the engine and the clanging of the rising anchor starts the new day. Rain, rain, rain as we gently rock down the way. Looking out the port, black birds are flying by as the water gently laps on the hauls of the boat.
Tracey has competition of a tiny pretty green finch stow away cleaning all the eye lets on our fishing poles. By 9 a.m. we were checking into Punta Gorda , Belize ready to start our salt water adventures, which became fast and furious as we explore the outer islands of southern Belize.
Vessel Name: Veinto Azul
Vessel Make/Model: 47
Hailing Port: Tavernier Fl U S A
Crew: Ted & Gail Gordon
Extra: WorshipSailing Advntures
Home Page: worshipsailing.com
Veinto Azul's Photos - Gaberiella Voyage of Faith (Main)
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Christmas: Santa in the Village
Family on hill: Friends in Ezmeralda
Tree top: Awesome Tree
Girl in Guarita: Beautiful Native Mayan
gg with pina: Good day shopping
Rio Aguas Caliente: Favorite Spot in Guatemala
music house: Music mans house
Funny Pig: Walking friends
IMG_3426: Tree flower in Town
7:4:07 Natalie: Celestial Navigation
gg: gg and spinaker sail
7:3:07: Midgie our friend
7:3:07 Trevor fishing: Pray for fish
7:2:07Fort Jefferson: Ship just arrived two days go
7:2:07 Trevor underwater: Trevor under Gabriella
7:2:07 scarey baracudda: Water Monster & Natalie
7:2:07 Lisa Hammock: Fun on the water
7:2:07 Natalie at Fort: Surfing
6:30:07 Departure: Heart on Apple from Marietta
7:2:07 Chef Trevor: Trevor cooking Carolina Steaks
7:1:07 Sunset: Lisa in Gods beuaty
7:1:07 Our Friends: Waves of Love
6:23:07 The Blessing: Pasto Marlin, Goldie and Pastor Gary with Family
4:7:07 Mary& John: Visit from Gram & Papa
4:7:07 Dewinds: Tramp Jumping our friends from air strip
3:29:07 SailingWhale Point: Windsurfing in new home port of whale point Eleuthra
12:17:06 friends Carolynn: Live Nativity Scene aboard Gabriella
12:17:06 boat parade: Ted and Jesus
2:26:07 Manatee: Baby Manatee in Florida
12:17:06Ted & Gail: Welcome Aboard
11:11:06 service: Our Friend Karen
7:22:06 Tuna: 7/22/07 Penny& Gail Tuna fishing
7:13:06 shark: 7/13/06 Trevor Sharkfishing Eleuthra
8:19:06: 8/29/07 Ted Whale Point Future Home
7:19:06Gabriella: 7/19/06 Gabriella under Way Eleuthra
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