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Kid Kruisers
Cruising with families on board
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REMM wrote on
17 September 2015 16:39:40Z
Hello Sailors! We are a French-Polish family getting ready to set off on a transatlantic trip from Europe to the Caribbean. We have two boys 13 and 8 and a little baby girl about to turn 1 on board. We will be very happy to meet-up with other family cruisers under-way. We will be in the Canaries mid-Nov, Cape Verde late-Nov and somewhere on the other side in December, making our way to Panama towards April. We are looking forwards to all new encounters and friendships both, for our children and for us. Fair winds
Pawsitivity wrote on
13 November 2014 04:38:04Z
Heading to Bahamas from south FL Jan 2015 and hoping to network with other families with little ones. Our girl is 8 months. Haveva little white dog as well
Love Song wrote on
03 June 2014 07:51:09Z
Hi My name is Morgan,I am 10 years old, I live on my boat Love Song with my mom, dad, and my little brother Wyatt, he is 7. We are in Lankawi Malaysia. I have lived on the boat all my life. We have 2 dogs ,a cat, and three guppy fish. We go pulling behind the dinghy on surf boards! We also take our pets to the beach daily(except for the guppy’s which never leave their tank unless we clean it). We have barbeques and camp outs with other kid boats. love my life! Sincerely Morgan
Matilda wrote on
19 March 2014 15:28:08Z
Hi everyone, We are brazilians moving now to our sailboat Matilda, located now in Tortola, BVI, to start crusing in next years. We have a 6 year-old daughter, Helena, who enjoys very much sailing, adventures, diving, marine life but specially other children's companion. We intend to educate her aboard and would like to share and discuss with other parents/families this huge task. We also hope to meet kids and theirs families along our way... Regards to everyone!!!
S/V Por Dos wrote on
12 July 2012 16:36:48Z
Por Dos is heading to Maine for summer 2012, then down the East Coast to the Bahamas for winter before heading across the Atlantic to the Med in 2013. Two 11 year old brothers on board keen to find any other kids they can.
Parallax wrote on
24 June 2012 17:25:44Z
Parallax is in Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour, headed for Spanish Wells and the Abacos as soon as we can get our mail from FedEx here in GH :-) Have a 13-y-o son in Calvert courses who'd like to meet other cruising kids!
Puddle Pirate wrote on
29 April 2012 17:01:40Z
S/V Puddle Pirate is our home and right now we are cruising the Mexican Sea of Cortez. Rose who is 10 and Gabby is 14 are our younger children that are along for this adventure. We plan on cruising the sea then next year head down the mainland to get ready for a puddle jump. We love the small community of cruisers we are now part of.
Elandria wrote on
24 December 2011 03:31:14Z
We are a family of 3 with a 1yr old. Heading across the Pacific (hopefully) this March from Ensenada Mexico. Our son is currently attending the local Montessori school here in Ensenada for a few hours in the mornings and I'm so impressed by the whole set up. Might see you en route Pandion.
Rocinante wrote on
09 November 2011 18:15:33Z
We're a family of three with a 10yo wild child preparing for a two-year Pacific cruise starting Feb 2012. Looking forward to meeting other kid boats on the Coconut Milk Run!
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12 October 2011 07:07:45Z
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