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SailBlogs Member Group - Kids & Families on Boats

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Kids & Families on Boats
A community of families living and cruising while boat schooling their kids . . .
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REMM wrote on
17 September 2015 16:40:32Z
Hello Sailors! We are a French-Polish family getting ready to set off on a transatlantic trip from Europe to the Caribbean. We have two boys 13 and 8 and a little baby girl about to turn 1 on board. We will be very happy to meet-up with other family cruisers under-way. We will be in the Canaries mid-Nov, Cape Verde late-Nov and somewhere on the other side in December, making our way to Panama towards April. We are looking forwards to all new encounters and friendships both, for our children and for us. Fair winds
Matilda wrote on
19 March 2014 15:29:37Z
Hi everyone, We are brazilians moving to our sailboat Matilda, located now in Tortola, BVI, to start crusing in next years. We have a 6 year-old daughter, Helena, who enjoys very much sailing, adventures, diving, marine life but specially other children's companion. We intend to educate her aboard and would like to share and discuss with other parents/families this huge task. We also hope to meet kids and theirs families along our way... Regards to everyone!!!
03 October 2011 16:25:25Z
Currently in Puerto Rico Staring in November 2011, we will be in the US Virgin Islands, then the BVI for Thanks Giving. In December we will head south. The canal around May-ish of 2012. Desperately seeking out other kid boats. I love my kids, but....
22 April 2011 19:53:48Z
The Calendar Is Set Right now, the boat is in a marina in Fort Lauderdale area. Scott will be moving to the boat in June to oversee the final preparations. The rest of the family will arrive late June – when the boys finish school. The Schedule: Leg 1: Depart Florida by July 8th, and head to the Dominican Republic, July 24th, were Scott will be the keynote speaker of a conference at the Casa de Campo Resort. This will take us through the Bahamas, Caicos Islands and then to Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, this will end up being a fairly quick trip. Leg 2: Depart Dominican Republic at the end of July and make our way toward the South Caribbean is a fairly deliberate manner. We will bump around in the South Caribbean until the end of hurricane season, sometime in November. Leg 3: From November 2011 to May of 2012, we will slowly head back North through the windward a leeward islands, then West to Central America, spending a good amount of time in Belize, then to Panama to get to the Pacific Ocean by early June.
02 December 2010 01:21:32Z
Christina - we will be in the Bahamas from the 21th of December until around the 3rd of January. We have a 10, 9 and 4 year old. Would love to try and meet up. We start our trip 3 year trim in June, and plan to use Calvert too.
16 November 2010 03:56:22Z
We are in Georgetown Exumas, any boating families around? We have a 8 and 3 year old aboard, home schooling gr.3. With Calvert school.
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