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SailBlogs Member Group - Under 45s

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Under 45s
Groups for sailors and cruisers who are under 45 years old (or just feel like it)
74 Members
Iur wrote on
27 September 2013 18:50:41Z
Hey, any young couples sailing around central california and heading out to Hawaii around december? We are a young couple (26 and 32) in a home made trimaran (37 ft). lets sail!
07 December 2010 02:23:18Z
Whoops - the project is at: http://interviewwithacruiser.blogspot.com
07 December 2010 02:22:48Z
Hey everyone, I run the Interview With A Cruiser Project. I'm also a cruiser (under 40 in an under 40' boat - actually very close to 35 in a 35!). I'm posting here to say that it would be great to have some young cruisers participate. Looking for people who have been cruising outside their home country for more than 2 years, whether their cruise is ongoing or finished. Shoot me an email at iwac.project@gmail.com Cheers, Livia
wrote on
12 May 2010 19:48:47Z
I would like to get the word out about an incredible Yacht which is currently being docked in Fort lauderdale. The Symbol Yacht is being offered at an incredible price. Recently built in the year 2006 comparable Yachts are being listed new for $3,200,000 and symbol Yachts exactly like this Pilothouse are selling for $2,300,000. The name of the boat is Imagine and Imagine is listed for $1,440,000. Imagine's designer is Jack Sarin, and he is renowned for designing and engineering superior, sea kindly hulls with tons of volume and aesthetically pleasing lines resistant to trends. The ride on a Symbol is flat, comfortable and quiet in all points of coastal wave conditions. Moreover she is easy to handle and to manuever. To see imagine in all of her glory please visit our web site at spaciousyacht.com.
harmony wrote on
13 March 2010 23:43:16Z
Just whant to say from Portugal :)
Dream Gift wrote on
06 January 2010 07:43:23Z
Hello to all. It has been a long time since anyone posted on this public page. Is anyone still using this?
18 March 2008 13:19:56Z
I can see all the positions with both IE and Firefox... I see Raven at 19.1877/-104.6707. The points look like little blue balloons, when you click to get a link to the blog.
Raven wrote on
18 March 2008 12:37:39Z
is this map working? are we supposed to show up on it?
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