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Organa Keto Side Effects The risks : there is no relationship between the loss of weight and the phases of the moon. In addition, fasting for a few days should not be, in any case, a method to lose weight because it can lead to fatigue, loss of muscle mass instead of fat and imbalances in the metabolism that can be dangerous, especially in people who they suffer from certain diseases (diabetes, uric acid, etc). Tips for correct nutrition in summer If you are thinking about losing weight , to do it in a healthy way and not put your health at risk you should think that you have to look for a diet that does not eliminate any food group and that is based on the change of habits and regular exercise. It seems simple right? Well, the truth is that with the amount of contradictory information on food that comes from different places it is sometimes difficult to know that it is a balanced and healthy diet. That is why I encourage you to seek support from trained professionals and that you have a critical spirit and look for information in reliable places. You should not think of summer weight loss as a "sprint". Think you can not lose in 15 days what you have gained in 15 years. If you want it to be something durable, consider it as the beginning of your modification of eating habits. https://downthepch.com/organa-keto/
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