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SailBlogs Member Group - Chesapeake Bay

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Chesapeake Bay
Sailors on, from or passing through the Bay
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Gypsy Wife wrote on
26 February 2012 23:35:59Z
I can't wait to get back on the water. Annapolis is great 2 to 3 days a week are great. Now when it will just stops freezing at night it'll be full on sailing time.
ishtar wrote on
07 February 2012 17:06:34Z
Seems like early spring up here in Havre de Grace. I winterized Ishtar but in reality their has been no need. Now watch us get 2 foot of snow.
Boomerang! wrote on
02 February 2010 21:19:44Z
Hello All, Joined a few weeks ago, and even put up a start on my own blog, but have been traveling a lot for work, AND pleasure. Looking forward to some activity with the group. Best, Charles S/V Boomerang! St Michaels, MD
PRIM wrote on
03 November 2009 16:17:28Z
The format would be 38 57.5245'N:076 28.3763'W The example is in the input screen
Paradise II wrote on
02 November 2009 18:06:08Z
November 02, 2009 Can someone help me to convert my present coordinate to the SailBlog format. I am at 38 57' 52.45"N and 76 28'37.63"W I seem to be missing something in the translation. Thanks, Big Moe Big.Moe1@verizon.net
PRIM wrote on
02 August 2009 13:14:56Z
Vera broke the mold when she was born. She definitely was one-of-a-kind and an experience to meet. I thought my folks were packrats but that lady topped them all. Stopping in the White Sands was like eye candy for a yard sale collector. Just think what it would have been like if she'd had Ebay!
wrote on
01 August 2009 14:56:02Z
Nice to hear from you. The Solomons is a great place. You can find everything you need nearby, even propane refills are available up the street a way at a gas station. But our favorite place is on up the Pax on St. Lenord's Creek called Vera's White Sands. Haven't been ther in years, but hear even after Vera's death this winter that it is still up and running. Cool restaurant. Hoping to make an extended trip around the bay later this season once we get some health issues (see blog) ironed out. Nice to hear from you and will keep an eye out for your blogs. Charlotte
31 July 2009 04:28:22Z
Hi all, I gew up on the Bay, Leonardtown (patuxant river area)...I haven't been back in years. I had friends with boats on Solomons Island's marina. It's nice you read your posts and hear about my old stomping grounds. I am planning a cruise that way next summer.
PRIM wrote on
29 July 2009 22:05:46Z
Hi Zephyr. Glad you found the CB group. Sorry to say it hasn't had a whole lot of activity yet, but thereis always hope. Pokey and I are heading south to Solomons tomorrow or Friday then on to Fishing Bay for the rest of the summer. We've never had a chance to cruise the osuhtern Bay and look forward to spending a little time there. After that, we plan to take The Ditch south to FL and possibly the Bahamas, returning to the Bay next spring. We hope you are enjoying this year's unusually mild summer and you get a lot of cruising in before season's end.
wrote on
29 July 2009 14:21:57Z
Hi, just found this part of Sailblogs. So happy to find a Chesapeake sailing group. We sail out of Rock Creek off the Patapsco on Zephyr, a Cabo Rico 34. We'd love to get together with others to enjoy the bay. We've had a Sailblog for a couple of years and it can be found by searching "Zephyr" to read of our trials and tribulations which we finally have on the run! Charlotte and Terry
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