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SailBlogs Member Group - Steel or Aluminum Boat Owners Group

Group Information
Steel or Aluminum Boat Owners Group
A place for metal boat owners to put their heads together and share solutions or find them together or just to vent! We love our metal boats but it's true, they are a lot of work, especially steel!
13 Members
jezebel wrote on
13 November 2013 05:49:57Z
Hello, newbe here with a 53' steel ketch, refitting in Norfolk heading south.
Rajah Laut wrote on
04 September 2011 22:18:43Z
I am new to this group. I just purchased a Meta Dalu 47 in Venezuela and I will go down there to start getting it ready for cruising in October.
Sienna Belle wrote on
03 August 2009 13:12:42Z
Suggestions anyone? Our steel hull and deck was built with a wood house. Where the house and deck are flanged together is a constant rust battle. Other than replacing the house with aluminum and/or getting totally destructive I feel I am doomed to a constant battle with rust in this area... any suggestions?
Sienna Belle
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