1000 Island flotilla 2013

19 September 2012 | Hamilton

Anyone recognize this anchorage?

21 September 2012
This is one anchorage we both enjoy. It's quite popular and can be full but lovely all the same.

Inaugaral entry

19 September 2012 | Hamilton
John Boasman - s/v Solace
Welcome to our sail blog!
Chrissy & I have created this blog for those interested sailors who may be considering sailing to the 1000 Islands next summer, 2013.
If you have always wanted to vacation with your sailboat, but have never quite gotten around to the planning, now is your chance. Perhaps your reason is you don't quite have the confidence in your navigation skills, your vessel or your luck. Regardless of the reason any sailor will tell you sailing in a group makes sense. You are never left stranded. You are able to have someone familiar with the journey lead you to the best anchorages and suggest the best places to provision.
Some more experienced crew may wish to journey ahead, or languish behind for a day to meet up at another gunkhole on another day. No problem. While I'm at it - I should also mention - no charge - not from us - we're not trying to sell you anything. Though I understand the ads on this site are offered as a way to help pay for the blog - we have nothing to do with any of them.
That's it for now - feel free to comment - voice your intent or regret - and be sure to put your two cents in for when you're thinking of making your trip. We haven't chosen our dates yet, but we prefer late July. The water is warm enough for swimming and still deep enough to ensure we don't run aground (too often).
Fair winds
Vessel Name: Solace
Vessel Make/Model: Columbia 8.3
Hailing Port: MacDonald Marine, Hamilton
Crew: John & Chris Boasman
About: Chrissy & I officially tied the knot earlier this year at the Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda, BVI We have both been sailing for a little over 10 years. This is our second sail to the 1000 Islands together, though I have been a total of 5 times.
Extra: Chrissy & I both look forward to slipping our lines and retiring aboard a bigger yacht in the Caribbean.
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Solace's Photos -

2013 Thousand Islands

Who: John & Chris Boasman
Port: MacDonald Marine, Hamilton