01 March 2009 | Seattle
09 July 2008 | Seattle WA
05 July 2008 | Neah Bay, WA
21 June 2008 | 32 30 N 157 10 W
26 May 2008 | Hilo Hawaii
11 April 2008 | La Cruz Mexico
11 April 2008 | Pacific Ocean
09 April 2008 | La Cruz Mexico
02 April 2008 | La Cruz Mexico
26 March 2008 | La Cruz Mexico
25 March 2008 | La Cruz Mexico
07 March 2008 | La Cruz Mexico
19 January 2008 | Zihuatanejo
24 December 2007 | Pueto Vallarta, Mexico
30 November 2007 | Pueto Vallarta, Mexico
01 July 2007 | Seattle, WA (Baring)
31 March 2007 | Puerto Vallarta/Paradise Village
26 February 2007 | Puerto Vallarta/Paradise Village
25 December 2006 | Mazatlan
23 December 2006 | Mazatlan

Back to work

01 March 2009 | Seattle
Well, our play is over! Well not really. It is just that we thought it would be a good time to not sell some of our investments on the low end. I've always practiced "buy high, sell low" and is never did my investments much good. Anyway, we are back at work, Mary is back with Zimo Genetics monitoring a trial for hepititus. I'm working for Corinthian Yacht Club half time in the office (what a great view from the office). Our plan is to sell the boat, buy a condo (who needs a lot of space to maintain) and do some traveling.
We bought a condo, we hopefully move in in early April.
In late April I will be going to Annapolis to sail in the J-24 Worlds. After that who knows, maybe I'll be Mary's sherpa on some of her trips. Unfortunately she'll be traveling about every other week.
Enough for now.

Home in Seattle

09 July 2008 | Seattle WA
We are back in Seattle!
It is obvious that some post we sent from sea didn't make it, but at least you could see that we were making progress.
Our last few days had some excitement that I can't go into here, but will be more than happy to share over a beverage....

Arrival in Neah Bay

05 July 2008 | Neah Bay, WA
BACK in the USA, OK, we came from the USA but the difference is very noticable.
We motored for most of the last 24 hours as our crew as sick (found out later he was dipping into our liquor stores), but we're back on the continent.
This place is as far west and north as you can get on the mainland other than Alaska. There is a little community where you have to drive into Canada to get to but it is further east...
Vessel Name: 360
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 41
Hailing Port: Seattle Washington, USA
Crew: Joel Thornton
About: Mary Thornton
We purchased 360 in San Francisco during January of 2005, after a little over a year of getting her ready in Seattle we headded South to do the BAJA HAHA from San Diego to Cabo, from there we have been in LaPaz, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. We now are in the process of getting a new engine which [...]
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Who: Joel Thornton
Port: Seattle Washington, USA