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Launched again.

10 May 2015 | 2014 sailing
May7th was our launch date this year. Bob at Dutchmans cove Marina was able to move a few boats and get us in. Seems no one is in a rush to launch after that long winter.

Splashe without a hitch. After a few hours of organizing the lines and washing off a winters grime I heading out from Dutchmans Marina for a sail to midland. An excellent sail. Escapade performed smooth and steady. A great start to the season.

Georgian bay waters are up and full of thousands bait fish. I wonder if they will be around at the start of bass season. Not likely!

Not much has changed on Escapade. I hope to breach the 1000 nm mark by seasons end. Catch more bass than pike and enjoy time with family and friends. Have a great sailing season. See you out on the water. Bruce.

Heading our for labour day

27 August 2014 | To be Christian/Hope/Beckwith
Bruce. Late summer heat
Summer is coming to a close. We still have this week of hot days and cool nights.

Typical we travel to the islands for one last time and enjoy the open air, no bugs and some good friends. Our youngest son is joining us. Fishing and hiking and some relaxing book reading....

This summer the boat has served us well. A month long trip to the north channel, 440 nm . Various outings in and around the southeast part of Georgian bay. Escapade has served us well once again.

Further updates to come when we have the time.

Still here

17 August 2014 | Georgian bay
We have been actively sailing georgian bay and I have been lazy on the blog. Good friends on copper penny are heading south which has gotten me back to the log /blog. More to come. B

Back online

25 March 2013 | home
Bruce / just above zero
Well, I'll have to apologize for not updating the blog since last summer. Its so time consuming.

We had a great summer with various trips out to the islands and up towards parry sound.

Highlights were Port Rawson area, Kilcoursie, and Parry Sound area.

We had no major issues on the boat. But the 12 foot swells coming out of ODonnell point might be considered as one. Even made this old salt a little weak. The boat handled very well.

The boat was shrunk wrapped with the door at the rear. Great for keeping the boat dry. Its about $225.00 a year when I do it myself. Nice and protected. Unfortunately the cold creeps into every corner of the boat and it takes so long to warm it up. Went up a few times.

Now with the weather warming up, we are starting to do a few jobs.

1) removed old Bilge lines that drained into the scuffers. We had back feed the odd time. Now draining from separate bilge areas out the side of the boat. hopefully dryer.

2) Scuffer drain small leak being fixed, this was where the bilge lines drained into the hose (t). Just a seal on the threads.

3) Mid ship on the port side, installing a deck wash system. Pressure controlled pump to a deck flush connection system. will make it easier to keep the boat clean.

4) DC outlet at the Pedestal. Needed to plug in power source for ipad or even a spot light. Old way was a long 12 volt extension line out a side window.

5) Jacqueline did some sewing on the enclosure. Replaced zippers and strengthened the seems. Good for another year. or two.

I'm sure there is going to be a few more little jobs as we go along. Everything will get a clean and conditioning. Less surprises out on the water.

Mom was kind enough to donate her old computer . Now have a ships computer , mostly for watching movies. Jiffy popcorn and we're all set.

Little sandy bay

08 June 2012 | Christian island

This last weekend was great.

We were up late Friday night after visiting friends . Packed away in the dark.

It was. A good evening at the dock, No creaking and bumping, no wind.

Saturday morning we went to bayports bilge sale. Nothing like getting something at a great price when you usually don't need it.

We scored some teak rode holders that will be mounted in the vberth.

A little rain the morning then off the dock. Now where. No wind.
We decided to join the crown and motored to little sandy bay on Christian. Good choice. Good people. Good anchorage.

On the way back, We pulled in the gin rocks and had a swim. Bbbrrr it was. But thirty plus was the temp. We did a impromptu pot luck with another couple. Then finally motored back as the sun set. It was the reason we go.

Monday was spent putting a new VHF line from mast to the radio. Having a snake on board saved the day. But it took patience and imaagination as I tried to get the wire up a small hole and the compression post. It worked. Radio much better. Never a dull moment.

lost in the bay

05 June 2012 | Lost bay Georgian Bay
Bruce / heavy rain
The week before we were in Chimney Bay . This last weekend we managed to get out Saturday to Lost bay. small, well protected. It is a favourite at the start and end of the season. Shallow enough for a warm swim.

We did some fishing, 4lb pike was caught by Matthew. Yum. I got a Bass which went safely back to her nest.

No issues. injectors were fixed , reefed sail back to the marina.

See the new addition on the boat. I'll need a proper mount made.
Vessel Name: Escapade
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina Morgan 1993 38 ft CC 381
Hailing Port: Midland
Crew: Bruce & Jacqueline
About: Escapade is our third boat in the great adventure. We are looking forward to spending most of the summers on her as we cruise the Great Lakes. Going south, maybe ! Looking forward to travelling back to the north channel and beyond.
Extra: Not afraid to sail off the dock!


Who: Bruce & Jacqueline
Port: Midland