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8 days on the water

04 August 2011 | Little sandy Bay
Bruce / hot / sunny perfect
Thursday evening we sat at anchorage , once again in little sandy Bay. The day started with Matthew, bella and us heading to the boat. We packed the car with all our expected food and cloths. Seven to eight days on the water was the plan. When we arrived , and quickly fell back into the routine of loading the boat. Stowing the provisions and filling the water tanks, Our slip is a fair walk to the car. Thank goodness we used two carts. Three ten litre jugs of water, twenty litres of fresh diesel to warm the water tank and charge the batteries. Box of cloths, box of food and a cooler of ice and frozen meet. Oh, a few bootles of wine and beer. Entertaining is always important.

It was easy to push off the dock. No wind. So we dingy sailed out penatang bay to the m6 marker. A light breeze started to pick up and it was on the stern once we made the turn northwest. Up went that bright Canadian Spinnaker. While our thought was to sail fifeteen miles out to the islands, light to no winds made for some concern. After a few hours the wind picked up. Ten plus knots north west, we were off like a rocket. That meant five knots. Wheeeee. Simply exciting in a sailors world. Rhumb line was sailing southwest from Parry Sound as we headed west along the south of the islands. Early evening saw us both arrive in little sandy bay. Copper penny was still at the islands.

Friday and saturday were busy with swimming , happy hour and just doing nothing if you liked. The michigan wreck is located on the north west tip of hope island. Never snorkled it before. A big ship she was. Sad, in the old days they did not have great navigation . It was a group dive with all three boats doing the dive. On the way back the dingy motor sputtered and stopped. Still water in the tank. Geordie towed us back. Mind you phil offered first. Sailors, Always there to help out. Out came the tank, hose and we drained every thing into an empty diesel tank. Ran it through a paper filter that removes water. Twice. The paper was noticeable damp. It did work and also removed sand, fibre and other black stuff. Mmmmm, Don't use last years gas without a good filter. Chris and Diana gave that to us after they had an experience. Thanks, that was three years ago. On the shopping list. I also tightened all fittings to prevent the intake of water. The winds were expected to switch over to the northeast sunday evening.

Vessel Name: Escapade
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina Morgan 1993 38 ft CC 381
Hailing Port: Midland
Crew: Bruce & Jacqueline
About: Escapade is our third boat in the great adventure. We are looking forward to spending most of the summers on her as we cruise the Great Lakes. Going south, maybe ! Looking forward to travelling back to the north channel and beyond.
Extra: Not afraid to sail off the dock!
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Who: Bruce & Jacqueline
Port: Midland