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Hanging at the dock

18 August 2011 | Dutchmans
Why do we like sailing.

Relaxing, getting away from it all , and meeting new people.

So why do we need two amplifiers the suck the life out the batteries? Last Thursday and Friday we did an over nighter to get a few things cleaned up.

The amplifiers for the radio were removed. The Am Fm radio was taken out. The multi disc changer player thing was removed. 50 and 30 amp fuses on these shows how much they could draw. Crazy.

A new location for the radio was located under the Navigation table and off to the right side. The wires were there from the amps. Antenna wire was threaded down into the area.

This opened up the cupboard area above the navigation station that was used for the radio and a TV (long gone, because it didn't work). Once again, why did we go sailing.

Now this area will become a storage area for other things.

A small box to hold the am fm pioneer radio and a few small speakers will satisfy out need to listen to what ever. Ipod with a portable speaker system will be our entertainment.

We also installed two more 12 volt power outlets. One in the salon at the table. One in the v berth . The boys will be happy.

Bad news, the freezer / fridge unit failed. Not sure if its a slow leak for of fluid or the compressor. Ice blocks for now till we fiqure it out.

Old boat , expect to replace things. Its only money. But we shall have new equipment for as long as we own the boat. Think positive. The sun will sink into the horizon but will be back again tomorrow, so be ready. The picture is from the west side of Beckwith Island.

Vessel Name: Escapade
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina Morgan 1993 38 ft CC 381
Hailing Port: Midland
Crew: Bruce & Jacqueline
About: Escapade is our third boat in the great adventure. We are looking forward to spending most of the summers on her as we cruise the Great Lakes. Going south, maybe ! Looking forward to travelling back to the north channel and beyond.
Extra: Not afraid to sail off the dock!
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Who: Bruce & Jacqueline
Port: Midland