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Been Awhile

13 November 2011 | on the hard
Looks like snow
Time has passed. The boat has been hauled, winterized and wrapped.

So much to do and so little time to get it done.

We were hauled the last part of September and put on the hard. The new cradle was a little too high and will need some adjustments in the spring. The cradle shop are looking after that.

Once out, we prepared the topside with some wooden supports for the shrink Wrap. As you can see with the picture, it is tight as a drum. We doubled up the area around the stays with extra plastic. The two roles of shrink wrap tape was a great help in getting it pulled together. it holds nicely till I could torch it all together.

With the door , we have access to the boat during the late fall and early spring.

This fall i have already removed the alternator, bench tested at 55 amps. 100%.

Took off the starter and had it cleaned, greased and painted.

Both the units did work but I have peace of mind. $100

Still trying to get 1 of the 3 fuel injectors out. corrosion . After 18 years it doesn't want to move. Oil and some leverage will hopefully get it going . Oh, and patience.

We put back the vberth water tank. Too much work to get at items stored up front. So, I removed the port side tank. it made us lean to port when full . And as I suspected, it was leaking at the hose connection for the intake. The space under the seat works great and will be used for tools and supplies. I'll be using tools on this boat for a long time. ha, don't we all.

Vessel Name: Escapade
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina Morgan 1993 38 ft CC 381
Hailing Port: Midland
Crew: Bruce & Jacqueline
About: Escapade is our third boat in the great adventure. We are looking forward to spending most of the summers on her as we cruise the Great Lakes. Going south, maybe ! Looking forward to travelling back to the north channel and beyond.
Extra: Not afraid to sail off the dock!
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Who: Bruce & Jacqueline
Port: Midland