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Next Chapter in the Adventure

30 August 2010 | Seattle, WA
Wow what an epic couple of years! The adventure has been amazing, we feel like we understand our family's rhythm and cruising together is getting better and better. The option of sailing for one more year and returning to Mexico is so tempting to us all. But, we always said that when we found something more fun or interesting we would do that instead.

After much discussion, we are going to stay in Seattle and start a new business venture. Talk about mixed emotions - Mary cried copiously when we finally said it out loud, but wetly admitted that she would have cried no matter what we decided. There is a huge range of feelings, while sad to wrap up this amazing chapter we are thrilled to be back and really excited to be starting something new. The promise of an income someday is pretty compelling as well.

We are finding that re-entry into life is almost as big a shock as leaving and are struggling through the list of 'necessities' of modern life: phones, internet plans, cars and car insurance, live-aboard slips and boat insurance, storage lockers, school selection and bus schedules, real shoes and business attire, and on and on. Our perspective has changed subtly as well, and some of that we are reluctant to let go of.

We are looking forward to the next phase of our lives and already thinking about a future adventure. What do you think about a barge trip through the canals of Europe... biking across the US... backpacking through the US and Canadian national parks... sailing back to Mexico...? It will be fascinating to see where we end up.

Thanks to everyone for sharing this adventure with us. We loved all your communications and comments and it helped us feel connected to home even with huge stretches of ocean between us.

Sail Well
Scott, Mary and the boys


30 July 2010 | Seattle
Nothing much new to report, we are all enjoying being back together. My first two weeks back passed quickly, house sitting in the San Juan Islands. We enjoyed having the space and comforts of a house, but are happy to be back aboard now. The boys and I sailed Whisper to Seattle while Mary drove the borrowed car; it was wonderful coming back into Shilshole and closing the loop on this stage of the trip. No matter what we do next, this sure has been fun.

A week on the dock was about all we could stand and we are now anchored in Paulsbo visiting with Mary's dad.

As to the future... We are in limbo for the moment trying to get our act together. The current plan is heading south for the winter, but might have a business opportunity that could keep us here instead. The house needs to be re-rented and that may be change things as well.

Quick Recap and Plans

28 June 2010 | Friday Harbor, WA
What a welcome back, the customs dock was packed with friends and family! I spent a very long final night and day dodging commercial traffic while struggling against the outbound current, arriving at Friday Harbor, WA in the San Juan Islands at 2:30 on the 25th, 70 days and a few hours after leaving Auckland.

It was an amazing experience for me. I passed through 85 degrees of latitude, most of the climates from the last 2 years, watched southern hemisphere constellations change to northern, experienced every weather pattern, and a blur of major milestones. While sailing covers ground at roughly the pace of a brisk walk, the trip home now feels more like that speeded up film of the flower opening in 6th grade science.

The trip was much more physically taxing than I ever imagined. There were demanding conditions that left me exhausted and reduced to just the basics of keeping the boat safe and moving. I experienced some of the best sailing in my life with weeks of ideal conditions that any sailor would welcome on an ocean passage. Each day at both extremes left me more familiar and comfortable on the boat until I found myself staggering up on deck half asleep, reefing in the dark, and going back to sleep without comment. On the easy days I felt like a little kid on summer vacation with seemingly endless sunny afternoons ahead of me and nothing to do but laze in the shade and read. There was freedom in having no responsibilities or expectations, but ultimately I missed having Mary and the boys to share it with.

Some basic info:
Estimated actual distance sailed - 8500 miles
Time - 70 days
Average daily run - 120 miles
Average speed - 5 knots
# of gales - 3
Max wind - 45 knots
Amount of water used - 50 gallons
# of fish caught - 6
Amount of chocolate eaten - 5 lbs

Next plans:
To remain in Seattle, we would definitely need to get jobs. Still not knowing what we want to do when we grow up, the only sensible option seems to be to return to Mexico for one more season and talk about it on the beach over a cold Tecate.

That is being actively discussed. Stay tuned as we work though some boat projects and decide if September will see us headed south one more time.

Trip Pics

27 June 2010
Catching up on sleep and lovin' being home.

I did manage to upload a few trip pictures.

Safe Arrival

25 June 2010 | Friday Harbor, WA
Safely in port - too tired to describe the experience and will try in a couple of days.

Glad to have the family back.

No land ho yet

24 June 2010 | Off Washington
No land in sight so far, Washington is right over there somewhere but lost in the clouds. Lots of humpback whales to look at though.

I am down to 25 miles to the entrance of the straights and another 70 or so to my port of call where I can check through customs. The original plan was to catch the incoming tide and try and arrive tonight, but the wind died last night and is just now filling. The revised plan is be in port by mid morning tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Whisper
Vessel Make/Model: Tartan 37
Hailing Port: Seattle
Crew: Scott, Mary, Timothy and Finn

Who: Scott, Mary, Timothy and Finn
Port: Seattle