Gone Sailing

S/V Abigail Grace

05 March 2018 | Clewiston Fl to Moore Haven Fl
04 March 2018 | Clewiston - Roland Martin Marina
03 March 2018 | Indiantown Fl to Clewiston Fl
02 March 2018 | Stuart to Indiantown
01 March 2018 | Stuart - in Port at RFYC
28 February 2018 | Peck Lake to Stuart
27 February 2018 | Peck Lake, Fl
24 February 2018 | West Palm Beach, Fl
23 February 2018 | Lake Worth, North Palm Beach to West Palm Beach
22 February 2018 | Fort Pierce to Lake Worth, North Palm Beach, Fl
21 February 2018 | Fort Pierce, Fl
20 February 2018 | Fort Pierce, Fl
19 February 2018 | Telemar Marina, Indian Harbour Beach, Fl
18 February 2018 | Telemar Marina, Indian Harbour Beach, Fl
17 February 2018 | Titusville, Fla to Melbourne Fla (Indian Harbour Beach, Telemar Marina)
16 February 2018 | New Smyrna, Fla to Titusville, Fla
15 February 2018 | Marineland, Fla to New Smyrna Fla
14 February 2018 | Marineland Marina, Fla
13 February 2018 | St. Augustine, Fla to Marineland, Fla
12 February 2018 | St. Augustine, Fla

Gone Sailing / Abigail Grace

22 December 2017 | Deltaville VA to Hampton VA
Temp 42* / Cloudy
Early to Rise
We were up early as we had a long day (approx. 44 nm) to Hampton VA. The sunrise was beautiful and the bays calm - glass like. As we motored out of Ingram Bay we heard an all to familiar sound as our motor bogged and then stalled. We were perplexed as our motor had run perfectly since leaving Solomon's Island. We thought our motor problems were solved/history/gone/out a here. Anyway still in reasonably shallow water we anchored and Greg changed the fuel filter (thank God we picked up extras before leaving Solomon's Is.). There were small rust like particles floating in the fuel from the filter. With the new filter in place we weighed anchor and continued on motor humming along without issue. For the first time since leaving Solomon's Is. we saw another sailboat. They were several miles behind us for most of the day until they turned and headed in. The most interesting site was a jet ski rigged for fishing that cut across our bow. Otherwise we saw much of the same - fishing boats and freighters. The sun was setting as we entered Hampton VA and were motoring in the strong currents toward our anchorage for the nite in Willoughby Bay. It was just past Fort Wool when entering the marked channel for Willoughby Bay that we found the shoal that many boats are towed from - including ours. Yes it was BoatUS to the rescue again. Captain Robert said he pulls a lot of boats off this shoal as it has changed since the placement of the green can - obviously no longer marks the shoal. It was dark and Captain Robert offered to guide us thru the channel to the anchorage. We graciously accepted his offered and anchored safely and without incident. Captain Robert shared his local kowledge pointing out the military restriction area a few hundred yards away stating "whatever you do don't go there" but you are fine here this is a nice anchorage. Tomorrow onto Norfolk and the Elizabeth River.
Vessel Name: Abigail Grace
Vessel Make/Model: TaShing Panda 38
Hailing Port: Chester, Maryland
Crew: Greg and Diane - Abigail, Isabel, and Grace
Extra: Sailing - Sharing our Adventure with Family and Friends
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Solomon’s Island Md
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Sunrise at Island View Marina Chester MD
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