11 December 2009 | Still in Channel Islands Harbor
18 November 2009 | Channel Islands Harbor


11 December 2009 | Still in Channel Islands Harbor
Preparing for a trip like this is a rather arduous process. Lists, lists, and more lists. There are projects for the boat and projects for the house. We need to rent the house soon enough and plan to live aboard for a while to try and cut costs. The lease for the office will be up in May, so we'll be moving the office to wherever we happen to be - a virtual office. Should I need to meet with anyone, I can do it in a number of places.

I study every day. I wish the day were here already. The day? The plan is to put the boat on a truck in November 2010 and have her delivered to Corpus Christi, Texas. After that, I think we'll head west to Brownsville and then make the turn and start heading in a generally counterclockwise direction. There really is no plan after that. I suspect we'll travel no more than 50 miles in a day. We'll stop every night and anchor out as often as possible. Getting to shore will always be a dinghy ride.

We carry 175 gallons of water and 200 gallons of fuel. Marina stops will be limited to water and fuel stops. Then there is the holding tank. That will have to be emptied every 6-7 days. Groceries? Yeah, that too. So, who knows. Really, the planning ends once the boat splashes in Texas. Then every day will be a new adventure.


18 November 2009 | Channel Islands Harbor
What is this blog about? It is about two people aboard an old boat, circumnavigating the eastern third of the United States on a voyage of discovery. It is an exposition on the peoples and cultures of the American Intercoastal Waterways and navigable river systems. It is about two people madly in love on a voyage to prevent regret.

Vessel Name: Abreojos
Vessel Make/Model: Roughwater 41
Hailing Port: Channel Islands, California
Crew: Larry and Brenda
About: Larry and Brenda love to cruise together. We are happy sharing the wonders of the sea by ourselves. We love making new friends and spending time with old friends. As long as it mixes with salt water, it's all good.
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Who: Larry and Brenda
Port: Channel Islands, California