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Teachers' Role in Society

16 August 2010
The role of teachers in society, both significant and widespread valuable.It have influence in the society he lived in and no other personalities who may have a greater influence than the teachers. Students are strongly influenced by teachers' love and compassion, character, competence, and his moral commitment. A popular teacher who became the model for his students. The students tried to follow their teacher in their behavior, dress, etiquette, conversational style, and he woke up. He's their ideal.

He can lead them anywhere. During their early education, students tend to define their goals in life and their future plans, in consultation with their teachers. Therefore, a good teacher and visionary leadership can play an important role in making the future of students as a teacher-pupil while the corrupt can only be detrimental to the students jauh more serious than the class of corrupt and distorted justice, army, police, bureaucracy, politicians or technocrats. A teacher of a corrupt and incompetent in not only individuals who are bad, but also an embodiment of a generation of corrupt and incompetent. A nation with corrupt teachers who are at risk countries; every day came to announce the arrival of the approaching destruction.

The importance of teachers as architects of our future generations demands that only the best and most intelligent and competent members of our intellectuals are allowed to qualify for this noble profession. It is unfortunate to find that in general the worst and the people most capable people find their way into this profession. Anyone who fails to find the open road in life, get into this profession and recklessly playing with the fate of nations. Important reason for this is understood to be poor salaries of primary and secondary teachers we are no better than the employee. A large number of teachers we are, therefore, frustrated and uninterested.

They have to go to work part time to meet their basic needs. Once again, the teaching profession does not enjoy respect in society. The primary and secondary teachers at a disadvantage. their status is lower than doctors, engineers, lawyers, civil servants, traders and even lower than semi-literate and illiterate. Therefore will require a huge commitment for an intelligent individual, but he liked the education and training as possible, to abandon the career of a doctor or engineer who supports the teaching. Therefore, while selecting a good teacher, one must remember that the better opportunities, prospects and facilities offered to teachers.

When we talk about good teachers means that teachers must be models of faith and piety and should have a good enough knowledge. A teacher must regard his duty to educate and train students and should feel responsible for it. He must feel that his students have been entrusted to him and he must avoid violations has rested on public confidence in him. He should be the one to hang out with roots in the community. People have to take her with them-wisher and a sincere friend who cares for their children. It must be ensured at all costs that the prospective nature of this profession has the intelligence and talent for teaching.

He should actively participate in social activities in a positive way. He must know the art of teaching with a deep insight into child psychology. He always had to deal with students fairly. He will not lose control of himself in his students the error can commit, and instead he should respect their feelings and ego, and must try to understand and solve their difficulties with grace while keeping calm. He must be smiling in the face of bitter criticism in his opinion, and not have to feel ashamed or embarrassed to accept mistakes with wholeheartedly.

He should be proud of its cultural, national dress and national language.He it must be a missionary, a mentor, a reformer and a guide as well as teachers are dedicated. In other words, he must be a perfect teacher and educator is perfect.
While highlighting the role of teachers in society, it is very important to involve parents as well, in the process of formation of student character. In the past, parents and teachers both used to make the best of their efforts to provide an atmosphere for their children suitable for development of higher virtues and morals. However, gross social changes during the last fifty years, large-scale urbanization of the competition, cruelly for financial gain, and weight preoccupation in everyday life to spend all my time and energy of parents, leaving little time or energy for them to monitor children them.

Whatever they have time they are consumed by newspapers, television and other recreational facilities. As a result, the younger generation does not get a chance to share ideas with their parents or to enter into meaningful discussions. On the other hand, this idea is gaining ground among us that education is not intended to build a better human being, but only to get better jobs. As a result, students' minds are obsessed with better jobs and dreams for higher social status.It, therefore, the duty of parents, too, to take an active interest in the daily progress of their children both inside and outside institutions and inform them about the true meaning of education.

Things You Should Know About Credit Score Rating Scale

27 June 2010 | Indonesia
S. T. W
Anyone trying to check their credit did not know how this can be confusing. There were so many numbers, and anything different means. Not only that, it is important to understand what credit scores, but we need to know what the number say. future creditors, landlords, insurance companies and employers to determine the number of customer reliability.

Here is how the credit score is determined by:

* What type of credit you have? Credit cards, student loans? More variety the better.
* How can I re-

Schedule notes look like this:

* The 760-849 is very good. Lenders will provide them with the most favorable circumstances.
* Full score of 700-759. There will be difficulties to get a favorable loan.
* 660-699 Good score. You can easily get a loan in very good condition.
* 620-659 Fair score. You can get a loan with a medium speed.
580-619 * bad. You may be right, but the figure may be very high.
* No pockets score 500-579. It is doubtful whether they are eligible for a loan. If you have reason to expect the highest level possible.

If you have a scale?

If you still do not know let me tell you that your credit score is not fixed numbers. Up and down throughout the ages. The lenders, banks, lenders and credit card companies to engage in dialogue with rating agencies every day. When you pay your value increases over time. If payments are late or even miss payments, you can sink your score, and negative feedback. Thus, the basic rule is to improve your credit score is to pay your bills on time.

And "ridiculously easy to check your credit score - and you have to do now Why? For best results can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges .. You do not need to loan these days, but within a few years from now, if you decide to buy a car or new house, getting married, or perform ini travel around the world is when people who know position them and to increase time first is profit killer .. But you have to work all the time You know the score. you, understand what, and to improve . This is surely the easiest way between rich Latte occasionally.

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Social Acculturation

02 June 2010 | Paser
In the field of education and anthropology, acculturation term and the ability to negotiate effectively both inside and outside the culture and the main language, and assimilation term was widely used to describe certain types of contact between cultures. Anthropologists define culture as a deep, very fast set of values, beliefs and behaviors that feel all aspects of people's lives at all levels.

In this perspective, culture is not an isolated part of reality that can be taught as a set of facts, or that can be mechanically used to refer to events in a human context, including classrooms. Instead, it is learned, shared and evolving due to changing circumstances and events in our lives. As a tool for cultural change and adaptation, acculturation is seen as a process, whether voluntary or involuntary, in which a person or group taking one or more cultural and linguistic characteristics of another group, resulting in new models mixed cultural or language.

For example, rural young Mexican immigrants who have started wearing baseball caps and listen to heavy metal or rap music or is deemed appropriate acculturation contemporary culture of the United States. However, while these same people will adopt the style of their new country of clothing and musical tastes, it will take more time for their basic linguistic structures, gestures, facial expressions, value systems and styles of social interaction changes.

According to Sonia Nieto, an expert in both studies / multicultural, immigrant students often have a culture of "depth" of his life before, and they adapt to their new environment in a manner more cultural area. Unlike assimilation, leading to the loss of cultural identity and language of origin of a person, acculturation involves adaptation and change.

A Koyukon Athapaskan Snowmobile sled dogs is still rather Athapaskan India. This is not a set of characteristics that ethnicity is as if a person believes or herself to be a member of a particular group. Acculturation is often an additional process that can lead to two or more identities to coexist harmoniously.

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