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Great Sailing Quotes

25 March 2006 | San Francisco
Stumbled upon the Wind Dancer site and there are a ton of short sailing quotes there. Here are a couple of my favs:

"There is but a plank between a sailor and eternity".
-Thomas Gibbons

"Off Cape Horn there are but two kinds of weather, neither one of them a pleasant kind".
-John Masefield

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes".
-Old Norwegian Adage

"I loved cruising the coast of Maine. For one thing, it helped me conquer my fear of fog. Not that I have learned to feel secure in the fog, but at least I have learned how to grope without panic".
-Herb Payson

"Being hove to in a long gale is the most boring way of being terrified I know"
-Donald Hamilton

"Below 50 degrees south there is no law. Below 60 degrees south there is no God".
-Old Sailors Adage

"To the question, "When were your spirits at the lowest ebb?" the obvious answer seemed to be, "When the gin gave out".
-Sir Francis Chichester
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