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Join us for our adventures on the the San Francisco Bay aboard our Newport 30 sailboat.

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Night Sail

25 March 2006 | San Francisco
My college roommate Bob and his wife Racheal were in from Montana for a family visit. They had limited time to see me and the only time was 9pm on a Saturday. No problem, dress warm and meet me at the boat! I got there early to do a few chores. We shoved off shortly after their arrival. The wind was blowing about 12-15 kts. We unfurled the jib and we were flying in no time. The nice thing about just using the jib is that the boat sails fast and easy as well as flat. I was trying to instill some confidence in my crew as well. I had night sailed on a few earlier adventures and it is a rush to be out there at night. Your senses come alive as you move thru the darkness. With all the Bay Bridge work going on, it's pretty light out there as well. So we hit the end of Berkeley Pier and it was clear and beautiful. The city skyline was amazing. There was some boat traffic out by Angel but it was very far away. As long as we stay clear of that area we will be fine. Once clear of the pier we headed north on a fine reach. Spirits were high and my crew was loving it. We continued on for about 20 minutes and then headed back. With the wind at our back on the way in, I raised the main and gained a bit of speed. It was an excellent sail with great friends and one we won't soon forget! I love night saing on the bay!
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