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Liz Clark's Sailing Surfing Safari

29 July 2006
You may remember from a previous post that 20 something Liz is sailing a surfing safari around the world. Mexico was very good to her and now she is moving on to other countries. "Managua, Nicaragua is a beautiful spot. There?? s coffee and bananas and the temperature?? s hot…so take a trip, get on a ship, go sailing away…across the agua, to Nicaragua...” The tune bounced off my lips as we were engulfed in the whiteness of yet another thunderstorm. Rain and more rain pelted the decks of Swell as Shannon and I slid south down Nicaragua?? s coast once again. A procession of tropical depressions was marching right over our course. As we approached a remote anchorage that I?? d had my heart set on, the rain came down so hard we couldn?? t see ten feet off the bow. The sloppy windswell was funneling straight into the cove. After circling in exasperation, we agreed that the place looked miserable and downright dangerous against the lee shore, so we headed back out to sea. We tried again at the next possible stop, San Juan del Sur, but the same conditions prevailed. Fortunately, there was one last option, so we pressed on to make northern Costa Rica?? s well-protected Bahia Santa Elena before dark. In the last hours of the passage, the skies cleared and we played a nauseatingly intense game of chess while rolling in the troughs of the leftover seas. We made it into the calm waters of the glorious bay just in time to set the hook before dark.
Read the rest of her log here.
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