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Join us for our adventures on the the San Francisco Bay aboard our Newport 30 sailboat.

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30 December 2006
Wow, Paul and had one of those spectacular sails yesterday! It was gusting to 35 when we headed out with a double reef in the main. The skies were crytal clear from the windy storm a day earlier. We could tell the wind had a very northerly component and that gave us some confidence in heading out the channel as we could put out a little jib to help us out to the bay. We got out there and it was a good 25 kts with huge swells. We got out to the end of the pier without tacking as the wind was strong and from the right direction. We headed for the lee of Angel with about a 40% jib up only. Once in the lee we hove to for lunch and had a great one with Alcatraz and the GGB in the background. After lunch we took a tack towards the pier and then decided to head back towards Angel. The wind was still strong and the knot meter hovered at 7. We locked the wheel and let the boat sail perfectly into Raccoon. We decided to tack thru and with a couple tacks we were around the corner with the help of a full main and jib. Heading home was great as we decided to head for the cut in the pier as it was a perfect heading. Got back around sunset for one of the best sails of the year! Looking forward to many more sails like this one in 2007!!
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