S/V Crystal adventures

cruising the carribean, in search of the golden turtle that lays the golden eggs!

09 June 2008
29 April 2008 | Puerto Aventura, Mexico
12 March 2008 | Portobello Panama
18 February 2008 | Cartegena Colombia
07 February 2008 | COLOMBIA
12 January 2008 | Kralendijk, Bonaire
26 December 2007 | Bonaire
23 December 2007
28 November 2007 | Venezuela
28 October 2007 | Trinidad
19 August 2007 | trinidad
26 July 2007
07 July 2007 | St. Vincent
14 June 2007 | The Saintes, Guadalupe
02 May 2007 | st. Maarten
27 April 2007
22 April 2007 | St.Martin/St.Maartin
07 April 2007
03 April 2007 | St.Thomas
07 March 2007 | st.thomas

Hi from Key West

09 June 2008
Hey there everyone, It sure has been a while. We have been in Key West Florida for the last three weeks. During this time we have replaced our transmission with the newest latest. We did all the work while at anchor and it was kinda shaky at times! Now we can take-on the florida power boaters! We spent our boiling hot afternoons in the public library, homeschooling and harassing the librarians! Key West has been a fun experience, we can really feel that we are back in the states again. "Wow what happened to those gas prices?!" It was $2.00 a gallon back in Mexico! The kids and I took our dog Henna to a small deserted island near the anchorage, right when we arrived here. She really needed to relive herself after being at sea for three days. I spotted a post to tie up our dinghy, and there it was....A sign that read NO TRESPASSING! We haven't seen a sign like that in four years! Welcome to the land of the free!! Oh ,Yeah then we see alot of people wearing t-shirts that read "freedom isn"t free" oh boy, I guess we gotta get used to this big island again!
Enough politics! We are happy to be mobile again and are planning to take the gulf stream to Miami on Tuesday. Then we will slowly head North to the Chesapeake bay area, and find a nice little spot to tuck-in for the hurricane season. This season has been most exciting one, cause so many different things happened to us! From seeing whales to meeting my parents on their boat in Panama. Being chased by monkey's cause we ran out of bananas! we also met some wonderful families living their lives on the blue. The kids were able to share their experiences with others, and get in plenty of play-time. When we were in Portobello, Panama, they would play soccer with the local children, the soccer field was situated in the courtyard of an old fortress! Lisa and Jana have been working hard with Nadine to stay in tune with their home-schooling duties as well. Henna (our dog) has sniffed more exotic bushes and is probably ready to move on to land for a while!
Well just wanted to check-in and say that we are safe and sound. Thank you for your replies, it's always nice to hear from you.
kurt and the gang
Vessel Name: crystal
Vessel Make/Model: pearson 39
Hailing Port: delaware
Crew: kurt, Nadine, Jana and Lisa
Extra: cruising the carribean, with the kids
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slide show 2006 006: swing in paradise
slide show 2006 011: Marcie from the cruising cat "serendipity" and Lisa enjoy each other.
slide show 2006 012: jillian and jana, its special to meet fellow cruisers with kids!
crystal at sail: Crystal sailing into coral bay in St. John
bitter end: The bitter end yacht club in Virgin Gorda bvi
dinghy problems: yeah!!!  the dinghy works!  Conception Island Bahamas
dinner: This one we cherished after running out of protein in Mayaguana in the Southern Bahamas YES! that is daddy
kids aboard: we have never been so close, cruising has made our family bond like elmers!
Cruising pics alonf the Colombian coast
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Created 8 February 2008
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Created 12 January 2008
working on Auquamarine our new home!
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Created 29 September 2007

we are sailing!!

Who: kurt, Nadine, Jana and Lisa
Port: delaware