Travelling s/v Afrita

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Maintenance updates

29 November 2015 | Sausalito
It's been a long time. My brother and his family are coming for a visit so there's been a flurry of activity. We ordered a new dodger and will have that installed by Christmas. We have a new windlass that was rebuilt in NZ and is working splendidly. We also had to install new membranes/bladders for the watermaker and those are here waiting installation (this weekend). We need to haul out this spring (FOR SURE). Our tax refund will take care of that. So, things are happening, but not quickly enough.

It's been cold and we're toasty and warm in the boat. Meeka loves this weather and she romps while I freeze. Work at the dog grooming shop is busy, and I am stressed to the max, but the extra income is so welcome. Jonathan is looking for another job. He wants to do maintenance again. We'll wait til after the holidays. So far, one interview, but no decision. Love to all with good health for the new year.

Obsession with Meeka

26 October 2014 | Sausalito
Jackie & Jonathan
Fall has come to Sausalito. The big news is that I [Jackie] got a job at a dog grooming business where I take the puppy. The job is a hoot, and the dogs are special. The partners, Froi and Carlos, are brothers-in-law and are wonderful to me. It's been so much fun to actually get paid for a job that is so perfect. It's a block from the marina, and I am in heaven. So, that will help the cruising kitty. In the meantime, I have posted photos of the little dog. She is so much a part of our lives and has single-handedly lowered our blood pressure.

Boat work has come to a screeching halt and not really sure why. In January, after we get our tax refund, we will purchase new batteries and fix the canvas. Otherwise, the boat seems to be doing fine except needing TLC (lots of it).

Not much else to report, really. Love to all --

65th Birthday

30 July 2014 | Sausalito
Jackie & 70's and sunny
Celebrated 65 years - people at the marina gave me a dock party - it was small, as there aren't many people my "generation," and with the diabetes I can't have alcohol or sweets. I was good, though and it was fun. The weather certainly cooperated; it was gorgeous even into the early evening. As with most 65 years old, it started at 6 and ended at 8. Boy, do times change!! There are a few photos from the party and earlier this summer.

Big news - we pick up the Monitor windvane on the 4th of August and will install it in latter part of August or early September. Small steps toward bigger picture. Love to all --
Vessel Name: Afrita
Vessel Make/Model: 1966 Columbia 38' Yawl
Hailing Port: Miami
Crew: Jackie & Jonathan Adams
About: Jonathan originally hails from Cape Town South Africa and Jackie comes from Florida where they met in 1995 and married three weeks later. Happily married while living and traveling on sv Afrita
Extra: Have had AFRITA in the Pacific NW and SE Alaska for the last 8 years and are looking forward to warmer and dryer weather - heading south to Hawaii and further on to the Marshalls and eventually the South Pacific to Australia and beyond
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