Flight of Aghavni

a Topjian family traveling journey

Lenten Prayer

As the church enters the preparation period of Lent, we look forward to a reflective time of cleansing our hearts, souls and bodies. We pray that your Lenten journey will be fulfilling and blessed.

Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem:
O Lord and...

Kid boats

It's lovely to be away as a family but there is something special about being in an anchorage with other kid boats.

Settling down this week into a groove of school, boat chores, and fun (fishing, hiking, swimming, and hot-doggin!)


Special surprise at the anchorage when we see the hull of Nikitoo come into view!

Another round of waterskiing lessons for the kids and Hugh has them up in one ski and flying around at max dinghy speeds!

We were also given a math...

Back to Barrier

The weather has given us a window and despite wanting to stay a few more days, we set sail back towards Great Barrier. N-bear is enjoying her time on the helm as we surf down waves towards our destination. It's also where many other kid boats have gathered...

Special spot

We sailed to this island on the advice of a kind retired NZ captain we met many months ago in Auckland. He told us to absolutely visit Rakitu (Arid Island) so here we are. He gave us the location of a special diving spot he would take his charter couples to...


Amazing hike up the island over the top to the other side. Where else in the world can you hike bare foot from beach to beach, through thick grasses, without a worry or care of any stings, bites, or slips? If you haven't yet, time to add NZ to your bucket...

Dinghy ride

Having an offshore tow behind Soggy Bottom (our dinghy) adds to the excitement of the day.


Kids spread out over the boat to get their morning school sessions done to head into the water for more exploring and fun!

Beach Fun

Common sense concludes that beaches that make for good surfing are generally not good places to anchor!

But that doesn't stop us from trying! It is great to be back on a secluded island in full cruising mode.

No internet, no...


Much to see at Rakitu which quickly makes it one of our favorite spots in NZ. Here, we find a cave entrance and go a bit further to explore. We ended up rowing the dinghy inside and taking a swim with the diving light. An incredible experience!