Flight of Aghavni

a Topjian family traveling journey

Still smoking

Keeping it hot wherever we go...

Just need a bit of fire and space to make it smoke.

From our hearth to yours, wherever you may be in the world, join us in spirit for a toast to life!

Skate Park

Skate Parks on every corner in NZ.

Each town has a place for kids to ride and spray some paint!

Our kids are loving it and using their Christmas scooters often!

But I can't help wonder how the bearings will hold...

Tiny Tim

Baby bear on crutches as she recovers from a trampoline injury at a local park...and Mamabear twisted her ankle!

Both checked out at hospital and no breaks, Thank God!

Recovering nicely as we continue on with the trip exploring...


New Zealanders love big trees. We are in Rotorua where there is an immense forest of Redwoods. Yes, the same Sequoia trees from California! They were planted here by seed in early 1900s to help with the Kauri forestry.

They are only 100 years...


At a mountain camping site....

Wake up and swam in the fresh water creek.


North Island

We are waiting for parts to arrive for Aghavni repairs so we're off on a camping trip of the North Island!

This is legit camping folks... we're doing it!

This is from a beach site on Ruakaka...


Enjoyed a lovely Sunday at church and then went on a hike to Whangarei Falls! Here's a photo of the motley crew including Father Michael and Kh Karen, Mebrehit, and our buddy boat from Panama/Galapagos, RONDO!
They were fresh back from USA and always a...

Cape Reinga

Visiting the northern most point of NZ at Cape Reinga. This is where the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea collide and is known as a very sacred site.

According to Maori history, this is where the spirits of the departed leap from the Pohutukawa...

Sand Dunes

Road trip to Northlands today with a stop at Te Paki for a sand dune ride. These are enormous mountains of sand created from a mid-range inland volcano many moons ago. It was incredible, and total NZ outdoorsman style. Not a sign in sight---take only photos...


"Ei-ah. Down ya jandals and git ya trainers and gumboots up the track. Bout siiven kills but views are Good As."

"Nah-a. Knackered. Towny choka block with pissahs. Heaps. Bugger all."

"Cheers, mate. Pies are bloody good. Toastie...