Flight of Aghavni

a Topjian family traveling journey

Farm Strong

I thought that I was a hard worker. I honestly thought that I could outwork anyone and keep up with the best. Well, a few short weeks on the farm has me eating humble pie.

I must say that it is certainly rewarding work, but relentless.

The tasks on their own seem manageable: plant, farm, feed, water, harvest. But when compiled with the thousands of things that need to get done, not to mention the tremendous responsibility of caring for living creatures, it seems overwhelming.

One must be a jack of all trades, critical thinker, patient caregiver, environmentalist, problem solver, animal lover, and still have room for family.

I've got a ton of respect for these men and women. No matter the weather, season, sickness, or day of the week, they get up each day to pound out a living from pounding on Gods green earth. Hats off to farmers around the world.