Flight of Aghavni

a Topjian family traveling journey

Ski pals

Girls styling in their Savy new coats, goggles, and helmets! Can't wait to get back up on the slopes to shred some powder!

Maximum Power

4.2KW of power on the single wire fence which keeps the cows safely in their paddocks. This morning, the voltage had dropped a bit, so we traced the fault to a few loose connections, causing the wire to ground in the water and along barbed wire fencing.


Came across this classic euphonium which was tacked on the wall at a local art gallery.

Memories of time at UNCG and remembering many friends and musicians over the years. AA Brass, Grizzlies, Wind Ensemble, and of course TUBAMAN.


A last minute visit from Peter & Sarah as they visiting their son competing in National Farming Championships. They were our first airbnb that we rented in Dargaville, on the north island. That was Christmas 2019, when we though we would only be in NZ for 5...

Savy Lady

Headed to ChristChurch this weekend to explore the city. Picked up this Savy Lady, scooping up some serious deals at Save Mart!


Enjoying an afternoon today at the ski fields. So great that the kids can put on their own gear and manage the mountain by themselves.

It's about a 1 hour door to door ride for us. It only takes 15 minutes to get to the base of the mountain,...

Fairlie Pies

The world famous Fairlie bakery turns out some serious treats.

This morning its a Long Black and Custard Cronut for this champ.

But, I'm just burning time until lunch when I can order my favorite...Pork Belly Apple Pie.

Guiney Families

We have been greatly blessed to meet the Guiney Family in Fairlie. The Kiwi-Cross and Irish Clans have added a unique flavor to our NZ Farm Experience!

Invited into their homes as family, tonight we were fortunate to join them in...


The kindness of strangers continues to amaze and humble our family in NZ. We were fortunate to meet Murry/Bev at church, who have recently built a lovely new family home on their farm. In turn, they have been opening doors to families to stay in their...

Growing Rams

Kit, check.
Boots, check.
Mouthpiece, check.

It's showtime in Canterbury Country!

V-man proudly wearing his colors as he enters the growth spurt stage.

Go Mackenzie Rams!

Go All...