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Planning a trip to the Azores

11 December 2012 | Antwerp

Preparation kicked off

11 December 2012 | Antwerp
It now get serious. I cancelled our mooring and ordered a life raft. Some purchases are easy enough while certain other are not. When choosing between a spare spinnaker, an AIS transponder or a solar panel for instance.

And then there is the long list of fixes/improvements. Most painful is the fact that the mast will have to come off in spring in order to replace a small plastic piece that apparently serves a structural function. Least painful is the fact that the autopilot problem will be a warranty-issue.
Vessel Name: Agur!
Vessel Make/Model: Django 7.70
Hailing Port: Antwerp
Crew: Bram Kristien Louise Casper Estelle
Extra: 7th Django ever built
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Small Boat - Big Plan

Who: Bram Kristien Louise Casper Estelle
Port: Antwerp