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04 July 2011
30 June 2011

Around the Baltic

04 July 2011
So I´m planning a new sailing holiday for August at the moment. The plan is to explore a totally new area of Europe, the Baltic Sea. I have previously visited Sweden, Denmark and Norway but those were just boring old landholidays. And I have never been to any of the Baltic countries or Finland either.

As I spent last winter at some more exotic locations I decided to head north this summer. Planning for the trip is well underway already but there are still many aspects of the trip that are open.

I have rented a boat from Sweden, so my trip starts near Stockholm. From there I start with exploring the archipelago and then will make my way to Finland. Having never been there, I´m very excited to find out more about Finland. I will also make a short stop at the Aland islands.

From Finland I´ll sail to Estonia, heard a lot of good things about Tallinn and also about the Saaremaa region, so those are definitely on my list. As is Riga, the capital of Latvia. Going to skip Lithuania and head straight to Germany and from Germany will return to Sweden vie Denmark. It´s going to be quite a journey, not sure about all the stops yet but then again I don´t like to plan my holidays too much in advance. There always needs to be room for ex tempore changes and visits. That for me is the whole point of sailing.

I hope the weather will be nice, I hear that last summer was very hot in Scandinavia, hope that will be case this year as well!

My boat, my rules

30 June 2011
One thing I love about sailing is the freedom it brings. Not being confined to set timetabels ans schedules, but instead making your own journey, go where ever you want when you want. With that comes also the freedom to be yourself on your boat, there are no other tourists looking at you, you can wear what you want and do what you want.

But that is not to say that I just like to lounge around my boat in my old sweats and Converse shoes full of holes. Of course that´s nice at times, just totally relaxing and not giving a hoot about what your wearing, but I also like to dress up at times and visiting ports gives a perfect opportunity for that. That´s when I take out my fancy red shoes and my black suit and the missus puts her face on and wears her favourite cocktail dress.

That´s just the thing, sailing gives the opportunity to do both! While on sea there´s not really anyone around so you don´t have to worry about others but then if you want you can go out, meet people and put on your Sunday best. I remember one time when sailing on the Caribbean, we had been at sea for about a week when we came to St. Barts (popular playing ground of the rich and famous) and after living for a week in my old shorts and a T-shirt we changed into our night on the town clothes. That was so much fun to go from one extreme to the other.

Caribbean the Beautiful

29 June 2011
So in my latest post I wrote a little something about some of my favourite islands and island groups in Europe. In the end of that post I hinted that I would later write about my other island favourites outside of Europe.

Well the time is now.

The Caribbean. Fortunately I´m lucky to have had the pleasure of sailing in the Caribbean for quite a few times and fallen more and more in love with the place with each visit. The Bahamas is a great place to visit and definitely my favourite from the Lucayan Archipelago. From the Greater Antilles it´s more difficult to name just one favourite, so I must name two: the always fascinating Cuba and the „Land of Wood and Water" (plus of course reggae music), Jamaica. Other favourites in the Caribean inclube the U.S. Virgin Islands and Saint Martin.

The great thing about the Caribbean is there are always new waters and islands to discover. But the problem is that you also want to visit your old favourites whilst also exploring new territory. The key is to make your trip long enough for both to be possible.

Hopefully I will be able to do another trip to the region soon, probably next year.

The Caribbean

Favourite island destinations

28 June 2011
As the summer holidays are finally nearing, I´ve been thinking about some of my favourite holiday and sailing destinations and more specifically my favourite islands.

Eventhough it sounds cheesy, I have always been a huge fan of the Canary Islands and find that there´s so much more to those islands than just beaches and cheap beer. My favourite is definitely La Gomera with it´s beautiful and still very unspoiled nature and friendly locals.

One island group I´ve never been able to get excited about are the Balearics, even though I´ve been sailing on the Mediterranean many times. But then again I´m a huge fan of the Greek Islands. Can´t really think of a better way of spending a holiday than island hopping across the Greek Islands. Wonderful scenery, the food is absolutely delicious and the towns picturesque.

So when it comes to my favourite islands the Greek Islands and the Canarias are at the very top of the list with some more exotic island groups (about which I might write about later).

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