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Alacrity - Our English word derives from the Latin word alacer, which means "lively." It denotes physical quickness coupled with eagerness or enthusiasm

04 October 2018 | Belhaven to Oriental, NC
02 October 2018 | Buck Island, NC to Belhaven, NC
01 October 2018 | Norfolk, VA to Bucks Island, NC
01 October 2018 | Sandy Hook, NJ to Norfolk, VA
29 September 2018 | Port Washington, NY to Sandy Hook, NJ
27 September 2018 | Essex, CT to Port Washington, NY
27 September 2018 | Hurricane Detour - Oriental, NC
27 September 2018 | Hamburg Cove to Essex CT
09 September 2018 | Block Island, RI to Shelter Island, NY
09 September 2018 | Block Island, RI
06 September 2018 | Newport to Block Island, RI
05 September 2018 | Newport, RI
04 September 2018 | Newport Rhode Island
04 September 2018 | Menemsha Bight, MA to Newport, RI
04 September 2018 | Edgartown to Menemsha Bight, Martha’ Vinyard MA
29 August 2018 | Edgartown, Martha’s Vinyard
29 August 2018 | Scituate to Edgartown, MA
28 August 2018
28 August 2018 | Boston MA
28 August 2018 | Long Island (Boston Harbor Islands) to Boston

July 13, Friday

13 July 2018 | Bath to Seguin to Love Cove (Southport Island/Sheepscot River)
Luck went our way today. We rode the current down the river quickly. Since we had to leave at 6 to catch the outgoing tide, we decided we had time to visit Seguin light. We picked up a mooring there by 8 and had breakfast before going ashore so we didn’t disturb the caretakers too early.
The light and the views were as gorgeous as we remembered. The “Friends of Seguin” who now have responsibility for the grounds (the Coast Guard still maintains the light itself) have made more improvements to the property, added more walking paths around the 60+ acre island and have a nice museum showing the history of the light and it’s keepers over the years. We climbed up into the light for the great view. The Seguin light, unlike several others, does not flash, but shines a steady light 360 degrees through it’s first order lense (which means it’s the largest size fresnel lense made - just under 10 feet high). The volunteer caretakers, Mary and Greg, were a wealth of information and a joy to talk with.
From Seguin we went through the anchorage at Five Islands. It was a little crowded for our taste, so we headed across the Sheepscot River to Love Cove. There are two moorings here owned by Eliot Winslow, a former harbor pilot and tugboat tycoon, he has them labeled “Guest Winslow” which are available on a first come basis. One was there just waiting for us, so we ended up in a great spot with a nice view of the western edge of the harbor and the setting sun.
Vessel Name: Alacrity
Vessel Make/Model: 1998 Saga 43, Hull #10
Hailing Port: Oriental, NC
Crew: Lesley & Dan Allen
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