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18 August 2018 | Ridley Cove to Eagle Island to Falmouth, ME
17 August 2018 | Seal Cove to Ridley Cove
16 August 2018 | Christmas Cove to Seal Cove, Damariscotta River, ME
15 August 2018 | Round Pond to Christmas Cove
14 August 2018 | Maine Coast Lobster Boats
14 August 2018 | Port Clyde to Round Pound, ME
14 August 2018 | Seal Bay, Vinalhaven to Port Clyde
12 August 2018 | Pulpit Harbor to Seal Bay, Vinalhaven
12 August 2018 | Belfast to Pulpit Harbor, North Haven Island
11 August 2018 | Belfast, ME
11 August 2018 | Islesboro to Belfast
09 August 2018 | Brooklyn to Islesboro ME
07 August 2018 | McClathery Island to Brooklyn, ME
07 August 2018 | McClathery Island
06 August 2018 | Frenchboro to McClathery Island, Merchants Row
06 August 2018 | Frenchboro, Long Island, ME
06 August 2018 | Winter Harbor to Frenchboro, Long Island
01 August 2018 | Trafton Island to Winter Harbor
01 August 2018 | Dyer Island to Trafton Island via Eastern Harbor
01 August 2018 | Mistake Island to Dyer Island via Petit Manan

11 August, Saturday

12 August 2018 | Pulpit Harbor to Seal Bay, Vinalhaven
Despite the heavy dew on the boat, we awoke to another fog free day. I’ve found that drying the dew off the boat every morning with an “absorber” cloth keeps the boat clean and for the most part, free of grey streaks and the white chalkiness that typically rubs off on hands and feet. Since we rarely go into a dock to hose the boat off, wiping the boat down works well.
No wind at all today, so the motor will be back at it. The water was so warm in Pulpit Harbor yesterday, we had a good swim with no wet suits, and were able to inspect the prop, shaft and keel. All looked in good shape, but you could see lobster warps had done their work wearing bottom paint off the front of the keel.
Lesley had the helm again today, it’s good to see her getting more comfortable planning and piloting new routes. We motored out past Pulpit Rock, home of an Osprey nest for over 150 years - 15 generations since Ospreys typically come back to the same place. There were cloudy skies around the north side of North Haven Island then across the thoroughfare to Seal Bay in Vinalhaven. It didn’t look like it had changed in the dozen or so years since we were last here, except there were many more boats anchored in the bay. With plenty of room, we found our own place to anchor. The wind came up some, and the sky threatened and spitted rain occasionally, so we didn’t go exploring in the dinghy as we had hoped.
We watched more boats enter the bay, most (about a dozen) seemed to all the narrower protected area in the south corner, so we remained pretty secluded. Clouds covered the sun, but we could see a glow as it set. The wind disappeared giving way to a light rain. The still and quiet of the harbor was only disturbed by the sound of seals causing schools of bait fish to crest the water’s surface during escape attempts, and the distant tone of a fog signal.
As of today, we’ve travelled 1,553 nautical miles since we departed, probably half of that has been all around the Maine coast. Some favorites thus far include Rouque, Mistake Island, Frenchboro, Northeast Cove on Dyer Island, here, and many others. We’d skip both Nantucket and Vinyard Haven if we did it again, and we’d make sure we didn’t anchor next to the crab steaming shack in Reedville, VA. Hard to believe we’ve been gone for 76 days.
Vessel Name: Alacrity
Vessel Make/Model: Saga 43
Hailing Port: Oriental, NC
Crew: Lesley & Dan Allen
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