Leeway II

Fulfilling a life-long dream of cruising the oceans in our own boat. Join us as we travel in our classic 1984 Alberg 37 Yawl

31 March 2014 | Hopetown to Man O War
31 March 2014 | Hopetown, Abacos
20 March 2014 | Hopetown, Abacos
20 March 2014 | Hopetown, Abacos
20 March 2014 | Marsh Harbour, Abacos
11 March 2014 | Marsh Harbour
28 February 2014 | Man O War Cay
28 February 2014 | Marsh Harbour
17 February 2014 | Man O War Cay
09 February 2014 | Treasure Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
31 January 2014 | White Sound, Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
30 December 2013 | Indiantown
03 November 2013 | Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
26 February 2013 | Riviera Beach Marina, West Palm Beach, Florida
27 December 2012 | Stuart, Florida
17 October 2012 | Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
28 June 2012 | Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
20 May 2012 | Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
07 May 2012 | Indiantown, Florida
28 April 2012 | West End, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Let the Adventure Begin

30 December 2013 | Indiantown
There is a saying “all good things come to those who wait”. Well, that certainly applies to us. This is the first year since we sailed the boat to Florida in 2010 that I am going to spend the winter on board. I took a vacation/leave of absence until the end of May and am looking forward to spending the winter exploring the many islands of the Bahamas with Wayne on Leeway II.

Wayne drove down to the boat in early November to prepare her for our adventure and I arrived on December 21st to a ship shape vessel. The major task for the next three days was to do our “provisioning”. We headed to Costco first to get the bulk of the provisions – canned goods, cheeses, meats, etc. and then to Walmart the next day to get the smaller quantities, carefully stowing each item and recording where it was put. We do this so that in about a month, when we both have “vacation brain” and can hardly remember what day it is, we’ll at least be able to find that pound of coffee that we know is somewhere on the boat. The last trip was to the liquor store to stock up. Not that you can’t get liquor in the Bahamas, but we like to be well stocked and some islands are “dry” – wouldn’t want to get caught there and be out of rum!

It always amazes me how much we can actually store on our boat. Everything seems to find a place and you sometimes have to be very creative to make everything work. Like vacuum packing toilet paper. Yep, our foodsaver vacuum packer is multi-purpose. Do you know how much room one roll of toilet paper takes, let alone 18? If you vacuum pack them individually, they become neat little bricks and can be tucked almost anywhere. When you need one, you just unseal the bag, fluff it up a bit, and voila! you’ve got a full sized roll of tp again. We vacuum pack a lot of things (obviously) – meats, cheeses, vegetables all stay fresher longer and take up less room if they’re packaged this way.

We spent Christmas in Indiantown this year which is a first for us. Usually, we’re at Stuart tied to a mooring, but we weren’t quite ready to cast off the lines. On Christmas eve, we had a lovely turkey dinner compliments of the marina. Christmas morning we made a pot of coffee, opened our Christmas presents to each other, called our families and spent an enjoyable day visiting with other boaters and doing a few final tasks. We intended to depart Indiantown on December 28th, but Wayne woke with a really nasty cold/bug so we figured it best to stay put. There was going to be a very short weather window to cross to the Bahamas on the 29th, but we weren’t comfortable with the forecast so staying in Indiantown was not a hard decision.

We hope to leave here tomorrow (December 31st), but there is still not going to be a weather window for at least another week. We’ll head to Stuart and try and pick up a mooring if any are available and if not, we’ll anchor out for a few days waiting for the weather to change so that we can cross over to the Bahamas. It’s really nice not having to stick to a schedule. Although we’re anxious to start exploring the Bahamas islands, we’re just happy to be together again and to be on the boat. The weather has been fantastic – most days are in the low 80’s, plenty of sunshine, good food, libation and friends. What more can you ask for?
Vessel Name: Leeway II
Vessel Make/Model: 1984 Alberg 37' Yawl
Hailing Port: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Crew: Wayne & Cindy Milroy
Wayne & Cindy Milroy have been sailing and cruising on Lake Ontario for nearly twenty-five years. Since shortly after joining forces in life, we nurtured the dream to go cruising on our own sailboat “where the butter always melts”. [...]
We will use this blog to share our escapades as we go wandering about. We’ll try to keep our family updated on our whereabouts and convince them that we are safe; we’ll share the excitement and wonder of our adventures with friends who supported our dreams throughout the years; and, we’ll [...]
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Who: Wayne & Cindy Milroy
Port: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
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