Cruising on Alexia

An informal update of our travels for Family and Friends

05 September 2013
27 June 2013
27 June 2013
27 June 2013
20 June 2013 | William wears kneepads to protect from the heat of the deck
17 June 2013 | Torrential rain for six hours
13 June 2013 | Herring Bay off Chesapeake Bay
08 June 2013 | Miles River, Maryland
08 June 2013 | Amelia at the helm with a helping hand from DAD
28 May 2013 | Just a short half mile journey across the River
27 May 2013 | Free dockage at the city marina
24 May 2013 | Narrow and shallow
24 May 2013 | Visitor Centre Dock
24 May 2013 | We're at the top
24 May 2013 | Going up
24 May 2013 | The gates close behind us

Deck Work

20 June 2013 | William wears kneepads to protect from the heat of the deck
Getting the caulking finished is a major triumph
At the end of our first week in Herrington Harbour we have worked hard to clear some of the jobs on the list before Alexia is hauled out of the water - which now looks to be Thursday next week.

Deck caulking has occupied us for four days - overall there is more than 25 feet of caulking to complete - all bits and pieces, 2ft here, 4" there etc.. Wet decks in the morning have to dry and by mid afternoon it is almost too hot to work - the caulk loves it but we fade quickly in the heat.

William marks up the areas to be done using hurricane tape - which is super-adhesive and gives a firm edging to prevent seepage onto the deck. I follow on with the caulking gun and by the time we're finishing it looks not too bad.

Next step will be cleaning the decks to remove splodges and uneven marks which have accumulated over the last season before an application of reviving teak dressing.
Vessel Name: Alexia
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg Rassy 42 built in 1998. She's extremely comfortable aboard with two ensuite cabins. Endless useful equipment like microwave, bilge pump counter, bowthrusters, Mastervolt generator, air conditioning, 12v freezer,
Hailing Port: London, United Kingdom
Crew: William Spouse and Frances Rogers
About: William has been a competitive sailor most of his life and introduced Frances to the boating life 29 years ago. In that time they have chartered many sailboats in Europe and the Caribbean finally purchasing Alexia in 2007.