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Northern Chesapeake

23 September 2021
Robert Malkin
We’ve been lucky to have the entire summer to explore the northern Chesapeake Bay. It is really a boater’s world here. There are so many coves and small cities to explore.

On the east cost of the bay, where we are located, there are small towns from the inlet to the bay up to the C&D canal near us. We’ve visited Chestertown, Odessa, Tilghman’s Island, Rock Hall and Harmon Plantation. Each town has its own charm and things to do or see. We enjoyed the Saturday farmer’s market in Chestertown with fresh mushrooms and quail eggs for sale. Tilghman’s Island is remote and a bit shallow to get into but we had a wonderful meal with friends on the water. Odessa and Harmon’s Plantation were founded during colonial times and have enjoyed recent renovations, thanks to the DuPont family.

Rock Hall is the nearest small town to our marina. I can get there on my electric scooter or we can use a car (when we have it). While not a metropolis, Rock Hall has lots of boats and a few shops, including a grocery store and a hardware store.

The hardware store has helped us complete 98 projects on the boat this summer from pretty minor (trimming some loose carpet bits) to huge (replacing the port fuel tank). Thanks to all that work, there are just a few more items left to fix from the original inspection (survey).

We also had plenty of time for fishing and sailing. Unfortunately, neither were very successful. We did catch some nice size fish but they were not the kinds we could eat. And, Bob’s wing foiling got better but still not up on the foils (at least for very long).

Now, the summer is nearly finished and we are making plans to head south. Our daughter will visit next weekend, then we will make our way to the Bahamas!
Vessel Name: Lamantin
Vessel Make/Model: Silverton 372
Hailing Port: Wilmington, NC
Crew: Alexi and Bob
About: We are taking a few years to live aboard our boat and visit some amazing places.
Extra: Let us know if you want to come visit!
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Our time in Florida in the winter of 2021-22
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Sights of us moving from the upper Chesapeake to FL in the fall of 2021
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Summer 2021 spent in the Chesapeake
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It is a huge job to replace the fuel tanks on a boat. Fortunately, they last about 20-25 years. So, we are not likely to ever do this again.
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We spent a few summer months sailing around the southern Chesapeake
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We sailed from West Palm Beach to Portsmouth VA in early 2020
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We had two great weeks of friends and family visiting us on the boat on Great Exuma Island
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The Exumas is a long chain of islands with many remote and beautiful spots to drop an anchor
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We had a great New Year's vacation with our children and friends in the Bahamas
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