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16 November 2007
05 October 2007
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07 September 2007 | westport

San Deago

16 November 2007
HI Every body
We left L.A to head to Catalina Island Which was truly paradise with clear water , sand beaches ,and palm trees. We stayed there for about 4 days then left for San Diego.Which was only a night away.When we first got to the lane to head in to San Diego there was a Aircraft carrier coming out so we got to go right past it with its guard boats right by us with machine guns! Now we are safely At the police dock getting all the things we need for Mexico!

San Francisco

05 October 2007
Allie Egolf
HI Everybody!
I am curently in San Fransico having the time of my life with the city just 20 min. away it is absolutly fantastic! When we turned the corner to go underneath the Goden Gate Brige it was amazing! It was sunny, hot and not a cloud in the sky!


15 September 2007
HI Every body!
We are currently in Eureka California witch is a small little town with cute little shops and a vary nice co op. It is one of my favorite towns so far out of the many we have bean to!So if you are ever in California and have some free time you should cheek this town out.
your friend Allie!
Vessel Name: Sonsie
Vessel Make/Model: Southern Cross/39
Hailing Port: Olympia, Washington
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