The Adventures of Allegrini

29 September 2011 | Still in London
22 September 2011 | London, UK

The Plan

29 September 2011 | Still in London

and so the story begins......

22 September 2011 | London, UK
Steve - 19degs cloudy
Perhaps it helps for me to explain how we are where we are today.

Its always been our final "game-plan" to sail off into the sunset on a yacht when we both retired or sooner if we could afford it.

That all changed last November when Helen, went over a friends house for drinks and ended up getting quite tidily, then proceeded to call me up around midnight, by this time well on her way.... She was in her usual drunken state, half bolshi, half sobbing, "made up her mind" sort of condition. She was saying that "she didn't want to wait till we retired she want to go now" and giving her reasons and justifications on why and how we could achieve it. I tried to pacify her, saying yes dear, no dear etc. but she was having none of it.

She continued to phone nearly every 30 mins or so, until it got to the point, were it wasn't funny anymore, particularly as i had work in the morning, at this point i conceded, by saying that if she felt the same way in the morning we would sit down and put a plan together.

The next morning a rather forlorn woman arrived home feeling rather sorry for herself, but still had this fire raging within her and although "worse the wear" for the booze, insistent on discussing the plan.
Vessel Name: Allegrini
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 473
Hailing Port: Brighton, UK
Crew: Steve & Helen
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Who: Steve & Helen
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