04 January 2012
04 January 2012
04 January 2012
04 January 2012
04 January 2012 | On Our Way to Georgetown
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10 December 2011
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Getting Under Way

06 December 2011 | Lynyard Cay
Getting Better
Well we have spent 3 days at anchor waiting for some kind of break in the weather. Lynyard Cay has been wonderful no one around us and beautiful beaches. Causes for alot of nakedness. We have swam and snorkeled and just played for the last three days very relaxing. We are going to attempt the Little Harbour cut, it looks much better than the last few days and looks "doable". We will be heading south to Nassau so we should be underway for the next two days and then on to Exuma.

So yesterday Craig finally relized he is not twenty anymore. The dinghy got away from the beach and Craig went for a swim. He looked great! Well then he got back to the beach and I thought he was going to DIE. If he was going to have a heart attack he would have. He is just having a ruff trip.

So we have lost way to many things this trip well almost lost. We lost an oar for the dinghy so we can turn in circles if the engine goes out, we almost lost a cushion but dinghy retrieval worked, and the dinghy yesterday we really need to be more careful. Well Christian is still on board so we are not doing that bad.

Okay so everyone wants to know about Craigs foot it is not that good of a story. He was washing the boat all day stepped over the ladder, stainless steel with a very sharp edge I do not think he could do it again if he tried. It is healing very well.

We love everyone and we wish we were home No everyone knows thats not true.

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Craig, Lisa & Christian
Vessel Name: Aloft
Vessel Make/Model: Hans Christian
Hailing Port: Atlantic Beach, FL
Crew: Craig, Lisa & Christian
About: sailing 38' hans christian from Jacksonville Beach to the Bahamas for 45 day vacation!
Extra: showing our 19 month old son Christian the bahamas.


Who: Craig, Lisa & Christian
Port: Atlantic Beach, FL