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04 January 2012
04 January 2012
04 January 2012
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Santa Came

25 December 2011 | Big Major
Lisa / 82
Merry Christmas to all... Christian had a lot of fun yesterday he met Santa who arrived on a Watermaker boat and gave out presents. He was very excited. He made a christmas wreath with the other kids and ate Pizza and cupcakes and ice cream. Staniel Cay did an awesome job for the kids. So Santa came last night we woke Christian up at 7:00 telling him Santa came he sprang from his bed ran topside looking for him it was so cute. Then he acknowledged the presents. That lasted about ten minutes before he was on to his normal morning of singing Yo Ho Yo Ho Pirates life for me swinging from the rigging on the boat. Oh well maybe next year he might actually be excited about Christmas. The funniest thing happened this morning one of those you wish you always had a camera going. Christian got a paddle with a ball on it and the string in the middle he is hitting the ball to the paddle when it swung up hit him in the eye and then per Christian "it hit me in my EGGS!" We were in tears. Well every day should start out with a great laugh. Merry Christmas everyone. Off to the beach.
Vessel Name: Aloft
Vessel Make/Model: Hans Christian
Hailing Port: Atlantic Beach, FL
Crew: Craig, Lisa & Christian
About: sailing 38' hans christian from Jacksonville Beach to the Bahamas for 45 day vacation!
Extra: showing our 19 month old son Christian the bahamas.


Who: Craig, Lisa & Christian
Port: Atlantic Beach, FL